Easy Carrot, Celery & Grape Salad

My good friend Vera tweaked a carrot and raisin salad the other day when I was over for lunch, and made it with green grapes instead of raisins – it was soooo yummy and fresh, and EASY I just had to share it!

Just grate a few fresh, yummy carrots into a nice salad bowl, add a couple of handfuls of fresh, sliced celery, a couple of handfuls of green seedless grapes, and moisten it with a couple of blobs of mayonaise (preferably homemade!). Stir it up and enjoy! Too easy. Even the kids will love it.

One thought on “Easy Carrot, Celery & Grape Salad

  1. Susan says:

    Wow Jo you are posting up some nice things! I do hope you and the kids are feeling better now. Thanks for the information about Quinoa. I didn’t know about having to soak or rinse it to remove the bitter coating and think I tried it once without soaking it and didn’t like it for that reason.

    Hugs to all of you! XX

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