Spelt Bread Rolls

Spelt Bread Rolls - Quirky CookingThese bread rolls may look ‘fancy,’ but they’re so easy to make. Of course, you can just make balls of dough for a plain bread roll, but it’s fun to make them pretty, and doesn’t take a minute. This shape of roll is called ‘Poppy rolls.’
In this recipe, half the dough ingredients are mixed, then let to rest for 10 mins, before adding the rest. It works really well. I’ve adapted it from a Thermomix recipe for milk rolls.

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First dough

Place in food processor/Thermomix/bowl:
– 250g white Spelt flour
– 1/2 cup lukewarm rice milk
– 1 T (or sachet) dried yeast
– 1 T olive oil

Mix dough on medium speed (6) for 10 seconds (or by hand), until a ball of dough is formed. Leave to rest for 10 mins.

Second dough

Add to dough in bowl:
– 200g wholemeal Spelt flour (or less, plus white Spelt)
– 1/2 cup lukewarm rice milk
– 1 tsp sea salt
– 2 T butter
– pinch vitamin C powder (opt. helps rising)
– 1 T olive oil
– 1 T raw honey

Mix in ingredients of second dough to first dough, on medium speed for 10 seconds (or until dough ball is formed). Add more flour if too sticky, but it should be nice and soft, not too firm.

Knead for two minutes with machine, or by hand for about 10 mins, or until dough is stretchy and warm.

Tip into greased bowl, roll over to coat with oil, cover with plastic bag, and leave to rise until doubled in size (about 1/2 an hour).

Spelt Bread Rolls - Quirky CookingKnock back, and form into evenly sized balls. Snip around balls 5 times to make poppy flower shape (see picture), or shape however you like. If you make poppy rolls, place them about 5 cms apart on greased/papered tray so they have room to spread. If just making regular rolls, place them close together.

Leave covered with a plastic bag or tea towel in warm spot to rise, for about 30 mins or until doubled in size. If you like, glaze with 1 egg blended with 1 tsp water. Place in preheated oven (200 degrees C, 400 F) and bake for 15 mins or until nicely browned.

Enjoy hot!

9 thoughts on “Spelt Bread Rolls

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jo – I’ve made these as well as your spelt challah and they’re not rising well. They taste great – but rise isn’t good. Any suggestions (I’m a bread maker girl and new to doing bread in a TM)

  2. JudyC Perth says:

    We made these last Christmas for the family lunch – and have been requested to bring this year – great endorsement, love your work.

    • Quirky Cooking Team says:

      Yes, you can skip the honey but your bread rolls may not rise as well as they would with adding bit of sweetener to the mixture:-). Honey simply makes it rise a bit better!

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