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You’ve probably noticed that I use quite a few recipes from this wonderful cookbook, “Changing Habits, Changing Lives”… The author of this best selling book and cookbook is Australian nutritionist, Cyndi O’Meara. I have been to two of her seminars (where we Thermomix consultants demonstrate her healthy way of cooking using the Thermomix), and I highly recommend them!

Cyndi is inspirational – she shows that healthy eating is so much simpler and easier than people think, and that anyone can change their bad eating habits and regain their health, if they do it one step at a time. The key is to know why the habit needs changing, and then take it slowly, changing one habit at a time!

I found that when I really understood why something was bad for me, and exactly what it was doing to me, I was much more motivated to change. So if you’d like some encouragement and new information concerning the way you eat and how it affects your health, have a read of this book. (And if you can get along to any of Cyndi’s seminars, they are well worth it!)

For the next couple of months you can actually buy Cyndi’s book for $19.95 (it’s usually $30) as she is running a FREE Teleseminar (worth $550!) starting this month, and you need to have the book to join in. This is a great way to get personal advice, encouragement and assistance from Cyndi. To find out how to join in the Teleseminar, click on the link above, or in the side bar.

I hope this will be a help to you all, as it has been to me.

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi Susan – no, anyone will benefit from the information in these books! Thermomix just makes it easier to cook healthy meals, which is why Cyndi loves it! But the recipes are written in the usual way, not in ‘Thermomix format’. 🙂

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