Peeling Garlic in the Thermomix

I love my Thermomix – not only does it mill, grind, pulverise, grate, knead, mince, chop, cook, whip, crush, heat, stir, weigh and wash itself – it can even peel your garlic for you! (I find this especially helpful when I have a head of garlic that has tiny little cloves which are a real pain to peel by hand.) I just break off a few cloves and toss them into the bowl…

…press the reverse button so that the blades are hitting the garlic with the blunt side, and mix on speed 5 for about 5 seconds, or until the skins have come off…

…then add some water, and the skins float to the top, making them easy to scoop off. Then just tip the water off and the garlic’s chopped!


If you want it chopped finer, scrape the bowl down, and just press the reverse button again to make the blades turn the other way, then chop on speed 9 for a couple of seconds. Done!

Amazing, huh!

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6 thoughts on “Peeling Garlic in the Thermomix

  1. Dunc says:

    This is great but do you lose some of the punch from the garlic when you cover it in water then pour the water out?

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