Quick Chocolate Sorbet

Quick Chocolate Sorbet - Quirky Cooking
Being dairy-free makes it difficult sometimes when you’re craving chocolate desserts – they all seem to have milk or cream in them! But after seeing a recipe for chocolate sorbet, I realised it was a completely milk-free dessert, and something I definitely needed to add to my ‘repertoire’! So when some friends came over for lunch the other day, I gave it a go in the Thermomix – not the usual version, where you make a chocolate syrup, freeze it, re-blend it, etc, etc… can’t be bothered with that. I wanted an INSTANT version, where you don’t have to wait forever to get your chocolate fix!

(It was starting to melt by the time I took this photo, as we left it sitting in the Thermomix while we went running around the yard looking for an egg, so we could add an egg white to make it more creamy! …Finally found one – those confounded chickens have been hiding their eggs… I was very tempted to squeeze one to see if I could get an egg to pop out!)

This way of making a chocolate sorbet is not quite as smooth as if you made it the traditional way – you can taste the little slivers of chocolate as they haven’t been melted – but nobody complained! The second time I made it, I tried slightly melting the chocolate, Rapadura, cocoa, coffee, vanilla and salt; blended them together, then added the egg white and ice and ground it all up… but I found it worked better when you didn’t try melting them. Just make sure you grind the Rapadura and chocolate really, really well, before adding the other ingredients.

You can add less Rapadura and more cocoa if you like a darker chocolate flavour. Enjoy!


Quick Chocolate Sorbet

  • Author: QuirkyJo



200g rapadura

170g good quality dairy free dark chocolate

30g dutch processed cocoa powder

2 Tbsp strong brewed coffee

1 tsp vanilla powder

1/4 tsp fine sea salt 

1 egg white

700g ice cubes


1. In your Thermomix bowl pulverise rapadura for 30 sec/ speed 9.

2. Add chocolate and pulverise for 30 sec/ speed 9, until it’s a very fine powder.

3. Add cocoa powder, coffee, vanilla, salt, egg white and ice cubes and pulverise for 60 sec/ speed 9.

4. Eat it quickly before it melts!

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12 thoughts on “Quick Chocolate Sorbet

  1. Susan says:

    I laughed when I thought of your DHs chagrin at Macca’s being closed, then when I read about you wanting to squeeze a chicken! Lol! I listened in to Cyndi last night and downloaded the Greenpeace safe food list. Scary what they are doing to is, isn’t it. It really does feel better to eat fresh food! See you this weekend, Lord willing! XX

  2. Jo says:

    Good news – we found the nest where the chickens have been hiding their eggs!!! Yay, no more squeezing chickens! lol!
    Yes it is scary what they’re doing to our food. I think we just have to concentrate on keeping to simple, natural foods, and cook as much as possible ourselves. See you soon! 🙂

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  4. Jasmine T says:

    I tried this last night – wow!!! It was the best flavoured chocolate sorbet I’ve ever had. As you said, the texture isn’t 100% perfect, but with a flavour like that who cares! 🙂 Also I noticed that it doesn’t freeze quite so hard as normal TM sorbets, which is nice.

    Thanks for the recipe – I’m really enjoying your blog!

  5. Nicola says:

    I have just bought a Thermomix and I am gluten free (and avoid lots of dairy) as well as following Cyndi’s Changing Habits, Changing Lives book.

    I tried this chocolate sorbet but it came out runny and not sorbet like. Tasted fantastic – so rich, I added Kahlua instead of espresso. At least it did not freeze hard like fruit sorbets. Any suggestions?

  6. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Nicola – you could probably add more ice – I don’t usually measure, just fill the bowl a little over half way and grind that up roughly, then fill the bowl the rest of the way with ice and continue grinding. Be careful not to add too much coffee (or Kahlua) or it will make it more runny!

  7. Melissa says:

    Hi Jo,
    Do you think this would be ok without the coffee? No one in our family drinks/likes it and my husband is like the princess and the pea with coffee in chocolate recipes – he claims to notice if I put even a few drops in!

  8. Sue says:

    I’d be interested to know abut leaving coffee out too as I have one child who absolutely hates it. Also do you think I could add a couple of drops of peppermint or even sub 70% mint chic to get mint choc sorbet??

  9. Carolyn says:

    I love the look of this recipe and we want to try it out- however we’re trying to cut out sugar- can we substitute with anything?

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