Menu Plan Monday – Christmas 2009


Well the big day is nearly here! It’s been flat out around here, but I finally have a week at home to get some cooking done… Hopefully I’ll get a bit done every day, so there won’t be heaps to do on Christmas day, and I can relax and enjoy it. I love to bake for gifts for friends and neighbours, so that’s what I’ll be doing a lot of this week.

 On Christmas day we open our presents and Christmas stockings in the morning early (earlier this year, as Daddy has to work), then sit around building legos, doing puzzles, playing games, etc, have a lazy lunch, then in the late afternoon the family gets together for a big Christmas dinner – more presents, lots of noise and fun, usually some water fights, lots of photos, all helping to get dinner ready, lots of talking and laughing and reminiscing… my favourite part of Christmas! This year will be a bit smaller though, as my big sister and her family have moved away (I miss you, Joye!!), and my little sister and her family will be away on a family holiday, and my little brother and his wife have a new bub so will be staying in Brisbane for Christmas. Never mind, I’m sure my kids will be able to make enough noise for everyone! 😀

 I’m going to help the kids do a Nativity play for the family this year. I want them to remember what’s really important in life – not getting presents, and tinsel and glitter and parties – that’s nice, but it doesn’t last. The most important thing is the love God has for us – so much that He sent His Son as the perfect gift, so that we could know Him personally…


A little child,

a shining star,

a stable rude,

the door ajar.

Yet in that place

so crude, forlorn,

the Hope of all

the world was born.

– Anon –


… And also the love we should have for each other – not just at this time of year, but all year long! True happiness comes not in getting, but in giving! 

The means to gain happiness

is to throw out from oneself,

like a spider,

in all directions,

an adhesive web of love,

and to catch in it

all that comes.

– Leo Tolstoy –


May your Christmas be full of peace, joy and love!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


[TMX = prepared and/or cooked in my Thermomix]


(lunch) Sandwiches & chocolate frappes

(TMX – made on rice-almond milk)

(dinner) Beef & vege pie

(made with leftover roast beef & veges, with spelt df crust – TMX)

Christmas cooking:

Jelly salad (TMX); mini steamed Christmas puddings (TMX)


(lunch) Tuna & potato salad with sun-dried tomato dressing (TMX), jelly salad

(Mama Bel & kids over for lunch!)

(dinner) Baked chicken with spanish rice & salad

Christmas cooking:

Almond star cookies (TMX – with all the kids), pretzels (TMX)


(lunch) Pasta salad (TMX)

(dinner) Beef ribs (crockpot) with salad & veges

Christmas cooking:

Crustless pecan pie (TMX); Fruity apple-mince tarts (TMX)


(lunch) Raw pasta sauce on brown rice pasta

(dinner) Pizza with raw topping – advocado & salad

Christmas cooking:

Christmas wreath bread (TMX); hazelnut kisses if I have time! (TMX); Sausage & egg bake (TMX) – in fridge for Christmas morning

Friday – CHRISTMAS!!

We’ll be up early (to open presents before Daddy leaves for work!), so we’ll need a substantial breakfast…
Sausage & egg bake

(lunch) a light lunch – leftovers & salad

Christmas cooking – making our Christmas wreath bread (TMX)

(dinner) Christmas dinner with Grandma & Grandpa! Here’s the menu: 

Berry & Lime sorbets

Grandma’s delicious Roast Turkey

with cranberry sauce & gravy

Grandma’s jelly salad

Roast veges

Christmas wreath bread (TMX)

Crustless pecan pie

Dairy-free berry cheesecake (from freezer)

Any other sweets that may be leftover from this week’s baking & Christmas stockings & gifts!

Cafe lattes to finish off!

(TMX – I make mine with cashew milk – nice and creamy!)


(lunch) leftovers & beetroot salad

(dinner) Tuna la king on brown rice 


(lunch) Fried rice with leftover brown rice & veges

(dinner) Spelt bread rolls & salad


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Christmas 2009

  1. Rona's Home Page says:

    You have a delicious menu planned!
    I’m so glad that my husband isn’t working on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He really needs the days off. This is the best family Christmas gift!
    Here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    ps Please stop by my blog and leave a comment to “Do you still read the newspaper?”

  2. Jo says:

    Yes, it’s very hot here! We made ‘snow’ yesterday in the Thermomix – ground up lots of ice and packed it into snowballs! Fun! 🙂 (My kids have never seen snow.)

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