Menu Plan Monday – 4th January

Happy New Year everyone!! I thought I’d better start off the new year right, and get my menu planned for this week, even though I didn’t feel like bothering… had a big day! Nanna and Poppy arrive tomorrow for a visit, and we only see them once a year, so we’ll have to plan some special meals for them…

I hope you all cooked lots of yummy food over the holiday break – our favourite was probably the chocolate sorbet – (wish I had one right now)… although that could have been because we had such nice friends to share it with. Ever noticed that it makes all the difference to a meal if you have good friends and family to eat with? “Meat eaten without mirth is ill of digestion.” (Or something like that…) So, what was your favourite meal last week? If you’d like recipes for any of these meals that don’t have a link, just let me know.

Today I joined “Top Mommy Blogs” – if you like my blog, you can click on the link in the side bar and it will count as a vote for me.  Check out their website for links to great blogs by mums all over the world!

If you’d like some menu planning ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday at for some help. If you’re a Thermomix-er, you’ll find some great recipes at the Thermomix forum.

Have a great week!

[TMX = prepared and/or cooked in the Thermomix]


(lunch) Out at a demo – kids at my sisters

(dinner) Leftover chicken & gravy with rice (TMX), plus some fish my dh caught on the weekend!


(lunch) Russian Potato Salad (TMX), tossed salad, spelt bread rolls (TMX)

(dinner) Spaghetti bolognaise (sauce made in TMX) with spelt pasta & salad

Wednesday(dh starts night shift so main meals at lunch time):

(lunch) ‘Fried’ Rice (TMX) with grilled chicken breasts

(dinner) Leftovers or minestrone soup (TMX)


(lunch) Steak, & dairy free potato bake (sauce made in TMX with this recipe), & beetroot salad (TMX)

(dinner) Leftovers & tuna salad sandwiches (on homemade gluten free bread – TMX)


(lunch) Sunny Scalloped Eggs & Broccoli

(dinner) Hamburgers on spelt buns


(lunch) Baked potatoes, dairy free sour cream (TMX), carrot & grape salad (TMX) with homemade mayonnaise (TMX)

(dinner) Meatball, bean & vege soup


(lunch) Chicken in crockpot with cashew satay sauce (TMX – made ahead, poured over hot chicken), salad

(dinner) leftovers

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – 4th January

  1. Susan says:

    Of course I voted for you, Top Mommy! I’m glad you have had some nice times with friends. Say Hi to your MIL and FIL for me, and to your sister too. Cuddles to all the kids! XX

    PS Thank you for your nice comment about my matchbox over on my blog!

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