Menu Plan Monday – 8th March

I really need to clean out the fridge and freezer, so I’m planning some meals around what I’ve already got, this week.  Also, I have some organic veges arriving tomorrow, so I need to make sure they’re in the plan so they don’t go to waste!  I’ve been busy and haven’t felt like cooking too much, but one thing I am experimenting with today is a no-knead Artisan bread – a wholemeal, spelt version.  The dough is rising right now, then will go into the fridge, and the first loaf will go in the oven for breakfast – can’t wait!  I don’t actually have a pizza stone, which you’re supposed to have, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll keep you posted.  I also made sunflower seed scones for breakfast this morning that were delicious – I’ll post the recipe soon.

There are some really great recipes popping up on the Thermomix forum – if you have a Thermomix, make sure you have a look!  And if you go to Menu Plan Monday at, you’ll find links to lots of menu plans and recipes that will inspire you.  Also, if you’ve never checked out Top Mommy Blogs, click on the button in the side bar and have a look at some really wonderful blogs written by mums from all over… there’s some amazing blogs there!

Hope you all have a great week
[TMX = prepared in and/or cooked in Thermomix]


(lunch) Sausages & salad
(dinner) Leftover roast beef & gravy on mashed potatoes (TMX)

(lunch) Raw pasta sauce on spelt noodles
(dinner) Leftovers from the TMX demo that’s here in the afternoon – chicken & cashews with rice, cauliflower soup, beetroot salad, dip and crackers, and whatever else is floating around! (all made in TMX)

(lunch) Baked potatoes & salad
(dinner) Salmon fishcakes (TMX) with quinoa salad (TMX)


(lunch) Fried rice (TMX)

(dinner) Chilli with gf macaroni (crockpot – out for afternoon)


(lunch) Pasta Fagioli (TMX) with vege sticks

(dinner) Brown rice pilaf with honey baked pumpkin & broccoli


(lunch) Burger Bean Stew (TMX preparation, cooked in crockpot while out)

(dinner) leftovers & spelt artisan bread


(lunch) Roast lamb & veges

(dinner) leftovers & spelt rolls (TMX) (picture below)


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