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Hi everyone – sorry I dropped off the radar for a week or so – I’ve been in holiday mode!  Actually, I did try and post my Easter menu plan, with photos, but the internet connection kept dropping out, and the program kept crashing, and I finally gave up in disgust…  So here’s a few photos of some of the goodies we enjoyed over Easter, and maybe some recipes will follow soon – if I can get it together! 

[TMX = prepared and/or cooked in my Thermomix]


Raw Chocolate with Roasted Almonds (made in TMX) – yum!!

(made with cocoa butter, cacao powder, agave nectar, vanilla bean & sea salt, with almonds)


Spelt Greek Easter Bread (made in TMX with this recipe)

(I love the aniseed-orange-sesame seed flavour!) 


Chocolate-Orange Spelt Hot Cross Buns (made in TMX)

(Oh so yum, hot out of the oven!!)

We also had roast lamb and veges (with baked garlic, lemon & rosemary), a breakfast sorbet (made from frozen berries & bananas, oats, nuts, seeds, coconut cream & ice, in TMX of course)… hmmm, can’t remember what else!  Oh yeah, a dark chocolate Lindt Easter bunny each – hee hee!
Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break – it’s back to the grind for us again tomorrow, with homeschooling, babysitting, and lots of paperwork needing to be done . Here’s my plan for the week… check out Menu Plan Monday at “I’m an Organizing Junkie” for more menu planning ideas, and the Thermomix Forum too.

(lunch) Gluten free calzone with mince & vege filling (TMX) (babysitting a few kids, so this will give them something to do!)
(dinner) Scalloped eggs with baby spinach (TMX)

(lunch) Spelt tortillas (TMX) with refried beans & salad (picnic and excursion with kids)
(dinner) Chilli con carne (TMX) with cornbread (TMX)

(lunch) Tuna pasta (TMX)
(dinner) Meatball vege bean soup (TMX)

(lunch) Baked potatoes & raw vege sticks
(dinner) Out for dinner – it’s my birthday!! 

(lunch) Pasta salad (made by the kids)
(dinner) Spicy meat-filled steamed buns (TMX)

(lunch) Fried rice (TMX)
(dinner) Japanese style steak salad (a la Jamie Oliver)

(lunch) Hamburgers on spelt buns (TMX)
(dinner) Fruit, raw vege sticks, boiled eggs – serve yourself!

Pasta Salad – a favourite with the kids!

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  1. Jo Whitton says:

    Thanks Susan! xx

    Ainsley, I’ll try and get that recipe posted tomorrow – it will give me a good excuse to make it for breakfast again so I can take a photo!! 😀

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