Menu Plan Monday – 24th May


I was pretty ambitious last week with all I planned to cook – didn’t manage to get it all done… My sourdough bread is not working  so I’ll have to try again.  (The culture went mouldy, and I heard you could scoop off the mould and keep using it, but after that the bread dough went mouldy while it was rising, so I chucked it all!)  Then the buckwheat that I was soaking went mouldy too – aargh!!  We live in a very wet, rainforesty place, so it’s not surprising.  Never mind, I’ll try again and keep a better eye on it.  I find you can’t soak things as long here, as they go sour quite quickly with the warm, humid weather.  Maybe my kitchen is too warm, too. 

Anyway, at least I managed to make the croquembouche, which was a bit of an epic adventure!  My favourite thing from last weeks’ menu was the cheesey sauce I made for the cauliflower and broccoli – it was a dairy free sauce made with cashews, red capsicum and some other things – so yummy!!  I’ll post that recipe soon.

It will be a busy week here, and with all that’s going on, we sometimes have the main meal at lunch time.  I’m going to try and do some double batches of meals so there’s a pre-made meal for a busy day or two.

For those of you who live on the Tablelands, don’t forget we have a Thermomix Cooking Class happening tonight at 6.30 at the Atherton Golf Club!  Hope to see you there 

Have a great week!
[TMX = prepared and/or cooked in the Thermomix]

(lunch) Fish (caught by dh and ds!), baked potatoes, salad
(dinner) Leftover roast chicken and gravy on mashed potatoes (TMX) with steamed veges (TMX)

(lunch) Tuna salad sandwiches on artisan bread (TMX)
(dinner) Lamb curry in crockpot (made with tikka paste made in TMX) & rice (TMX)

(lunch) Tuna a la King (TMX) on artisan bread
(dinner) Leftover lamb curry

(lunch) Turkey mince ragout (TMX)
(dinner) Meatballs in tomato sauce (double batch, made in TMX) & steamed veges, brown rice (TMX)

(lunch) Creole black eyed pea & corn stew (double batch, veges prepared in TMX, cooked in pot), cornbread (TMX)
(dinner) Fish fingers (homemade with cornmeal coating) & vege sticks

(lunch) Leftover bean stew with meat balls (from freezer), & cornbread
(dinner) Pasta salad

(lunch) Swiss steak (crockpot) & salad (TMX)
(dinner) leftovers/sandwiches

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