Be Creative!

Ever feel stressed out, over-worked, and under-appreciated?

It can get like that when you’ve got mouths to feed, 
jobs to do, and everyone wanting a piece of you.   
Here’s my advice… 
Put on a pretty apron (girls!), turn on your favourite music, 
turn it up loud and sing along at the top of your voice, 

while you cook something creative… 


… or something comforting, like bread … 


… or create some amazing artwork … 

(and don’t worry if no one else thinks it’s amazing – 

as long as you do, that’s all that counts!)… 

There’s something about being creative that is magically soothing.  

So make something beautiful.
Okay, that’ my bit of advice for the day

Have a great day!


Just wearing this apron makes me feel creative!

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