Berry Nougat with Raw Cacao Nibs


This recipe is an old favourite of ours from the raw food cookbook “Rejuvenate Your Life” by Serene Allison, except with a couple of tweaks of my own. I’ve added raw cacao nibs, for a delicious, chocolatey crunch, and I use my homemade nut butter. I make this quite often for snacks, desserts, cake toppings, and even for breakfast… it’s delicious. The amounts can vary to taste, so don’t stress too much about measuring. I make my own nut butter first in the Thermomix – it’s very quick and easy.  Otherwise you can use bought almond butter if you like.

You can let the berry nougat thaw a little before eating, or have it still frozen – I like it about halfway in between frozen and thawed, as it’s juicier and has more flavour. You can keep it in the freezer and just thaw it out a little when you want some. It’s delicious on it’s own, or on top of a raw cheesecakeor a chocolate gateau or torte caprese – especially with chocolate drizzled over the top!

Recipe makes a little over 4 cups.
Berry Nougat with Raw Cacao Nibs
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  1. 100g raw almonds
  2. a couple of heaped tablespoons of almond butter (or mixed nut butter) (to 'glue' it together)
  3. a handful or two of raisins or sultanas (for chewiness)
  4. 30g pure maple syrup (to taste - make sure it's still tangy, not too sweet)
  5. a handful of raw cacao nibs
  6. about 400g of frozen mixed berries
  1. In Thermomix bowl, chop almonds on speed 6 for about 5 seconds, or until roughly chopped
  2. Add almond butter, raisins or sultanas, maple syrup, maple syrup and mix on speed 3 for a few seconds, until combined.
  3. Add berries and mix in on reverse speed 2 for a few seconds
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10 thoughts on “Berry Nougat with Raw Cacao Nibs

  1. Jo Whitton says:

    Thank you! This isn’t really a traditional nougat at all, just a healthy, raw version, but it sure is yummy!! The perfect use for my cacao nibs! Still want to try some chocolate shortbread with cacao nibs too… 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    This recipe is sooo good. My girls love it when I blend it up with frozen banana – they thought it was pretty special to have ice-cream for breakfast! Also fantastic on pancakes or mixed in yoghurt.

  3. Jo Whitton says:

    Hmmm, it would be nice on pancakes – didn’t think of that – thanks!! It’s also really yummy with fruity dream made from cherries or strawberries!

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