Rainy Day Baking…


The weather is so wet and cool and dreary here at the moment… but I know the secret to cheering everyone up!  Turn on the oven and bake! 


Today I made Gluten Free Orange Almond Cakes with Orange Syrup in my mini Bundt tins ~ they look so pretty, and the whole house smells of orange. Mmmm…


This is such an easy recipe, it takes almost no time at all – there’s no need to boil the oranges as in the usual gluten-free-orange-almond-cake recipes – not if you have a Thermomix, anyway! Just quarter the fresh oranges and throw them in, peel and all, and whiz it all up!


So if your weather’s dreary like ours, get a cake in the oven, get out the pretty dishes and tablecloths and silverware, make yourself a cup of tea, and sit down and enjoy your cake! Have a great day


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Baking…

  1. FrenchJane says:

    Sitting here under the hot Surrey sun on our first barbecue-weather weekend I am sipping chilled rose wine rather than craving warm cakes, but yours look brilliant, Jo. The mini bundt pans make them so cute, too! Thanks for sharing this with us and stay warm in your Australian winter!

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