Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding

Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding - Quirky Cooking

Rice pudding. The perfect comfort food.

We love it hot with cherries or caramelized fruit as dessert, cold as an after school snack (great for lunch boxes too!), or as a satisfying just-before-bed snack. It’s not too rich, not too sweet, can be ‘dressed up’ or eaten as is. My version of rice pudding is dairy free, gluten free and vegan, and the Thermomix makes it so simple and quick – great for when you don’t really feel like cooking, but you really want something for dessert!

Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding - Quirky Cooking

I use Rapadura to sweeten this, which is why it’s a darker colour than what you may be used to. The Rapadura gives it a lovely, slightly caramel flavour – much nicer than the bland, super-sweet taste of refined sugar!

If you don’t have a vanilla bean, you can just add vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract to the ingredients in step 2. I do love to use a whole vanilla bean though – you get all the little vanilla-y bits and the delicious seeds all through your pudding!

Note: You can find vanilla powder for this recipe in my online store!

Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding
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  1. 60g Rapadura
  2. 1 whole vanilla bean, snipped in pieces
  3. 200g arborio rice (or 250g if you like it thicker)
  4. 400g organic coconut cream (use organic so you don't get all the nasty additives)
  5. 600g water
  1. In your Thermomix, grind up the Rapadura and vanilla bean for 1 minute on speed 9.
  2. Scrape down lid and sides and add remaining ingredients. Cook for 20 minutes at 90 degrees, reverse, speed 1 1/2.
  3. The rice pudding will still be quite runny - don't worry, it thickens after a few minutes. You can pour it straight into a serving dish (a Thermoserver is ideal) and leave it for 5 minutes before serving, and it will be perfect.
  1. For a delicious dessert, top with caramelized mango or peaches or nectarines. Halve or cube the fruit, sprinkle with Rapadura or palm sugar, and cook in a heavy frying pan (or char grill pan) for 1-2 minutes each side, or until caramelized.
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31 thoughts on “Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding

  1. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Serena, I’m sure you could just halve the recipe – I don’t know how it would go after being frozen, might be a bit dry. See how you go though. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is YUM! I didnt have any Rapadura on hand only Coconut Palm Sugar ooooh so nice! Thanks 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looved this!! Will become a regular dairy free recipe in our house. Thanks for your inspriation

  4. Casey says:

    Hi Jo,
    I’m going to make this tonight and serve it in red and white ramicans for my mothers group tomorrow (I’m egg free and dairy free at the moment due to babies eczema) I don’t have rapadura but I have coconut palm. I tried using it with the pine line icecream the other day but when I ground it with lime zest it turned to caramel and my TM wouldn’t spin!! Will thus happen again with this recipe?

    Ps I’m loving the coconut icecream recipes! YUM!!!
    Have you got a recipe for sago? (dairy and egg free?)

  5. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Casey, it will work fine with coconut sugar, although you may want to use vanilla bean paste instead of a vanilla pod, and then you won’t have to grind up the sugar at the start – just add everything at once.

    Glad you like the ice-creams! I haven’t got a sago recipe yet – must do that! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just popped this on. Only had 150g of arborio so added 100g of white quinoa along with a little cinnamon and all spice. Was lusting after something warm and tasty, but didn’t have any milk for my usual fall back of caramel custard.. Clearly this is a bit healthier than the usual fall back. Hoping this will make a quick breaky as well.

  7. Amy Simpson says:

    Hi, im currently living in Thailand and am unable to source Rapadura. If I were to use palm sugar – how much would I use. I haven’t found Vanilla beans yet either but when I do ill either make vanilla bean paste or just use the bean itself as suggested here. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Amy

  8. Jillian says:

    Made this the other night for my son’s birthday. My jug leaked and I had cooled it down so it was quite thick. I added some almond milk to thin it out when reheating. My brother whose favourite dessert is rice pudding commented that it tasted just like the original version.

  9. Kirsty says:

    I just made this with 40g sugar and it was plenty sweet enough. Didn’t have any arborio rice so I used jasmine instead….jasmine needs more cooking time. Still and all, a nice recipe and very nice to have a dairy free dessert I’m actually able to eat, will make again next time I find myself with arborio in the house!

  10. Cassi says:

    Hi Jo,
    Planning on making this for brunch I’m hosting. How many people would you say it serves?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Quirky Cooking Team says:

      Yes, but you would have to soak your black rice prior and adjust cooking time accordingly. good luck:-).

  11. Jen says:

    Hi Jo is there a stove top recipe for the creamy rice pudding please?
    I love all your recipes!!

  12. Kaycee says:

    Not sure what I did wrong but this did not work how I pictured 🙁 made a half batch but cooked for the same time and rice was still a little hard. Flavour wasn’t there but I’m guessing that’s because I used light coconut cream and vanilla essence not paste. Wish I had some vanilla paste on hand

    • Quirky Cooking Team says:

      Hi. I am not sure why this didn’t work:-/. Sorry. Rice should be nice and soft by the end of the cook. Best to use full fat coconut cream in this recipe though, as it will give you a lot more flavour;-). You can try adding a little bit more liquid-coconut cream or coconut milk at the end and add extra few minutes to the cooking time. Good luck.

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