Thermomix Menu Plans – December 12th (plus a recipe for Melty ‘Cheese’ Sauce!)

My menu plan is a bit late today, as I’m sick in bed and haven’t felt like blogging, or thinking too much about food. (I must be sick!!) It’s my own silly fault… I always end up like this when I have dairy and wheat a few days in a row. I can usually get away with a little bit of butter or bread now and then, but to have it a few days in a row (and a piece of chocolate mudcake with ganache!) was not a good idea. Anyway. Here I am, laptop in bed with me, and I’m determined to post at least a simple menu plan.

Okay, so here’s the basic plan for this week – I’ll let you know what else I’m cooking on my Facebook Page as the week progresses, so come on over and join the chats there!

Salad, leftover roast & gravy (tmx), leftover fried rice (tmx), and a rib fillet steak cooked for me by my daughter 🙂 Oh, and my 10 yr old baked the Too Easy Chocolate Cake in the EDC all by himself, substituting grapeseed oil for butter, spelt flour & baking powder for the SR flour, rice milk for the milk, rapadura for the sugar, adjusted the amounts to suit, and it worked out great! (He calls it ‘FAR Too Easy Chocolate Cake’, as you can just chuck in all the ingredients at once when using oil instead of butter! lol)

My daughter has requested Tenina’s ‘Fisherman’s Pie’ (tmx) from her new mini cookbook, ‘Dinner Spinner’. I will have to tweak it to make it dairy free – probably will use my cheesey sauce on top and leave out the marscapone. Here’s the recipe for the Melty Cheesey Sauce (sorry, can’t find a photo atm)... use it as a substitute for melted cheese on pizzas, casseroles, lasagne, broccoli/cauliflower with cheese,  potato bakes, etc.

Melty Cheesey Sauce
Whiz up the ingredients in the Thermomix for 1 min, sp 9:
– 75g raw cashews
– 15g savoury yeast flakes
– 15g cornflour
– 1 tsp onion powder
– 130g red capsicum
– 2 Tbspns lemon juice
– 30g oatmeal
– 1 tsp sea salt
– pinch of each: oregano, turmeric, garlic powder, ground sage, dry parsley, celery seed
– 650g water

Then cook for 7 mins, 90 degrees, sp 4. If it’s not smooth enough, pulverise for another 30 seconds on sp 9. Yum!

Note: You can find fine sea salt for this recipe in my online store here! 

Cashew & vege satay with coconut rice (tmx), based on this popular recipe!

Spaghetti & meatballs (all in one Thermomix meal) since we never got around to that one last week

Baked potatoes & sweet potatoes (baked in crockpot) with leftover melty cheese sauce & toppings

Quinoa salad with pomegranate dressing (quinoa cooked in tmx; onion, herbs & nuts chopped in tmx; and dressing made in tmx)

Tuscan beef stew with polenta (tmx – another recipe from Tenina’s Dinner Spinner)

…And probably lots of baking and Christmas treats in preparation for the big day – like this rapadura-maple syrup toffee which is a firm favourite at our house!

Have a great week, and link up your menu plan below…

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