Sesame Salmon & Vegetables with Creamy Tikka Sauce

Sesame Salmon & Vegetables with Creamy Tikka Sauce - Quirky Cooking

The other night I was so tired, and really didn’t feel like cooking dinner. I was very tempted to just give in and buy fish and chips. But I pulled myself together and dug a couple of salmon steaks out of the freezer, popped them into some salty water to thaw out, and began chopping veges. In thirty minutes (yes, 30 minutes!) we sat down to this absolutely delicious meal. Thank goodness for my Thermomix. There’s hardly ever an excuse to have takeaway when you have a Thermomix… you can have a restaurant quality meal in half an hour.

I thought I’d better write the recipe down so I remember what I did for next time. So here it is – try it next time you don’t feel like cooking!

 [Note: I had leftover cooked quinoa in the fridge, so I served the salmon and veggies on that. You could even leave that out and just serve it on salad greens; or you could cook the quinoa in the rice basket while the sauce, fish and veges are cooking. An all-in-one meal! You can also find fine sea salt, Aussie Kibble Pepper and Organic Garlic for this recipe in my online store!]

Sesame Salmon & Vegetables with Creamy Tikka Sauce - Quirky Cooking
Sesame Salmon & Vegetables with Creamy Tikka Sauce
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  1. 2 or 3 salmon steaks, cut into 2 cm cubes
  2. tamari & sesame oil, to taste
  3. carrots, sliced
  4. broccoli, in small florets
  5. orange sweet potato, cubed (optional)
  6. 400g coconut cream or milk
  7. 400g water
  8. 350g quinoa
  9. a handful or two of raw cashews (depending how thick you want the sauce)
  10. 2 cloves of garlic
  11. about a cm of raw ginger (optional)
  12. a teaspoon of vege stock paste
  13. a large tablespoon (or two) of tikka paste (homemade, from the *Thermomix Indian cookbook.)
  14. a teaspoon of Rapadura (or honey)
  15. a dash of tamari
  1. Cube salmon, drizzle with tamari and sesame oil, set aside.
  2. Chop up some veges and place in Varoma dish.
  3. Place cubed salmon on top of veges. Drizzle a little more sesame oil and tamari over the veges if you like. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  4. Pour coconut cream or milk and water into bowl of Thermomix.
  5. If you're cooking quinoa at the same time, weigh the dry quinoa into the rice basket, rinse well, then place in bowl. Place lid on bowl, set Varoma dish on top, and cook at Varoma temp for 20 minutes, speed 4.
  6. Check that everything's cooked, set Varoma dish onto its' lid (to catch drips), and tip quinoa into a serving dish. Add remaining ingredients to the juices left in the bowl and whiz up on speed 9 for a minute.
  7. Serve quinoa onto the plates, top with some raw baby spinach, then the salmon and veges, then the sauce.
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16 thoughts on “Sesame Salmon & Vegetables with Creamy Tikka Sauce

  1. Kate says:

    Hi! I don’t have readymade tikka paste on me so I am wondering if a store-bought tikka masala paste will also work? Thanks!

  2. Megsy says:

    Unfortunately the jar I thought was Tikka paste in the fridge was actually Korma paste! 🙁
    I had 100g Thai red curry paste in the freezer so tried that instead, and luckily it was lovely! I really look forward to trying it with Tikka paste next time 🙂 I served mine with rice…just perfect!

  3. Janine Turner says:

    I’m keen to try this one, but my son is allergic to cashews… what could I substitute for the sauce instead? (He’s not allergic to other nuts). Thanks!

  4. Rachel Fleck says:

    How many people does this serve I think Im going to try it tonight for 4 people will it be enough

  5. Kylie Hitz says:

    What would I do differently if I was no cooing quinoa or rice?? How much liquid in the bowl and would it be water or coconut cream??

  6. Sophia Davis says:

    It was so delicious.
    I used leek and beetroot as the veggies that I steamed in the varoma. And I had black quinoa but it didn’t cook through so I had to finish it off in the microwave 🙈

  7. Natasha says:

    What liquid quantities would I use if i was making cauli rice in the basket instead of quinoa?

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