Announcing the Winners of the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

It’s Mother’s Day, here in Australia, so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! What special treats do you have planned for your mums today? Yesterday I shared lots of idea on my Facebook page for special treats you can make – if you need some inspiration, check them out here!

Thanks to all of you who entered my Mother’s Day Giveaway and shared stories of your mothers, grandmothers and other inspiring women in your lives – they were so special.

I decided to post the winners names in a separate blog post for Mother’s Day, so that I could also share their stories, with a photo of the women who they wrote about where possible. Congratulations to the winners – your prizes will be with you soon! Thanks so much for sharing, I loved reading your stories.

[Note: Winners were drawn randomly via on Wednesday 8th of May. I’m still waiting to hear back from Ellen H, and Sue Rutter. If that is you, please contact me asap so I can send you your prize!]

Gemma & Jess won a copy each of Jude Blereau’s cookbook, ‘Wholefood Baking’…

Gemma & her mum

“My Mum is everything to me – friend, confidant, teacher, support, advisor, etc. She is the reason I’m the woman and mum I am today, having taught me to trust myself and know that I can be anything I want to be. And she has always been there for me – from those hideous teenage years (sorry mum!) to when I went into premature labour with my daughter at 32 weeks. She is my rock. I never truly appreciate all she did for me until I became a mum myself.our bond is now so much deeper.” – Gemma
 Jess as a baby, with her mum, Helen

“My Mum is my inspiration. She homeschooled me and my brother and sister. Now that I have three children of my own I am in awe! There is no way I could do what she did. She basically devoted her life to us, all day every day for our formative years. Amazing! Love you mum xxx”  – Jess

Deb & Andrea won a copy each of Jenny Tschiesche’s book, ‘Not Just Sandwiches’…

“My children inspire me. 5 out of 6 of them are on a gluten free diet due to coeliac and they NEVER complain about missing out when we are out or at parties. They simply accept it will make them sick and more on. They are amazing and I love them to bits.”  – Deb

“I admire my Mum for the way she continually blesses others in our family, her work and the community.”

– Andrea

Nancy won the Vegie Smugglers’ E-book Bundle…

Nancy with her best friend, Karmen, at the birth of Karmen’s baby

“My best friend [inspires me]. She always brings out the best in me and knows exactly if and when I need a pick-me-up hug and chat or a well deserved talking to. She has recently become a mother and I am just learning so much from her devotion and strength to her new role, she inspires me daily.”  – Nancy

Karen won the Deluxe BaoBag…

Karen & her daughters

“I would have to say my daughters are my blessings and my inspiration. It is for them, that I research, follow blogs and facebook pages, cut out nasties, cook from scratch and have a holistic approach to health. I wish the internet and all this knowledge had been around when my boys were little, but they also now benefit.
Many thanks to all the wonderful women that share their knowledge online, and for the wonderful generous donors of these gift packs.”  – Karen

Penny won the Biome Eco Stores Lunchbox Kit…

 Penny with her mum, at a fundraising event for the Cancer Council that Penny hosts each year

“Teacher, counsellor, life coach and best friend, my mum is the most inspirational woman in my life. She always puts others before herself, is kind, generous,thoughtful and caring. She has been there every step of my life, dropping everything to be by my side when I was diagnosed with cancer at 28. This journey has brought us even closer together and although we may be separated by distance, not a day goes by that we don’t share even life’s smallest joys knowing each day is a gift to be cherished.”  – Penny

Kaity, Amanda, Nikki, Ellen, Penny, Sarah, Sarah, Tahlia, Shona & Annie each won a Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag…

Kaity & her mum

“My MUM is a cancer surviver and has quit smoking after 40 years of smoking. She survived a head on collision at 100km/h she owned a pub and worked 18hrs a day, she taught me repect and compassion, she taught me if I want something to work hard and earn it. My mum is my hero she definately has super powers andbif I am 1/2 the woman she is I will be a happy mummy xo”  

– Kaity


Amanda’s Grandmother with Amanda’s two oldest girls

“My grandmother, Pheobe Leeder, is an inspiration to me. She raised 10 children whilst my Grandfather was on a disability pension, probably not much back then. She was very creative with her cooking, managing to make the most of simple cheap ingredients. No-one ever went hungry. Her hospitality was warm, children’s friends often sitting at the table, her sisters regularly visited for afternoon tea on Sunday afternoon. She entertained simply, with basic but tasty cakes and slices.

“She sewed on a treadle machine. She would make ‘a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’, clothing her children, and later grandchildren with re-fashioned garments made from old men’s trousers and other such fabric.

“I learned lots from my Ma during the 5 years of high school that I lived with her and Pa. I learned from her to see the good in others and speak positively, to value family and friends, to serve others and to allow others to serve me, to be content with what I have.”  – Amanda


Nikki & her mum

“My mum will always be the most inspiring woman in my life, no question. She raised 5 of us on a very small budget while my equally inspiring dad worked 6 days every wk. She always has and still does, drop everything if i call with the smallest request for her. Her life revolved around us kids and keeping us happy and active, heading off every Saturday and Sunday while we were growing up to many different sporting venues. 

I have always appreciated her but becoming a mum made me realise just how much she gave up for us. She also loves helping and has volunteered for over 20 years to the different organisations she works for. When her regular Meals on Wheels clients celebrate their birthdays, she bakes them a birthday cake and drives around to see them and celebrate with them if they have no family around. I have been living on the opposite side of the country to her for the last 5 years and miss her lots….and we are all counting down until her and my dad arrive next month!!!”  


“My mother was a very stoic woman who never showed us any emotion, but was a marvellous cook and dressmaker. I was so lucky when at 18 I met a lovely warmhearted woman who became my “second mum”- she showed me that being a Mum could be warm and loving. She always made me feel welcome and very special. She was also a good country cook. It has been the combination of these two women who have largely shaped me. My “second Mum” for showing me it was okay to show love and warmth to those around me, and my “real” Mum for passing on her wonderful skills in the kitchen and at the sewing machine.” – Ellen

Penny & her neice

“My niece is my inspiration! Simply because she is so full of life, always up for a challenge, like to be competitive, likes to succeed, and so loving!”  – Penny

Sarah & her mum

“My mother has to be my upmost inspiration. She is a selfless women who always sheds a positive light to everything. She raised my brother and I with such love and compassion and showed us that there is always good to be found everywhere. She shares my love of food and health and loves to try out new recipes and delights I hand over to her. Shes extremely supportive and the love of my kids lives! Shes a hoot always up for a light hearted laugh and also there for the heavy times.. What would I do without my mumma?? Shes magic.”  – Sarah MB

Sarah & her Grandma a few years ago

“My Grandma continues to inspire me even though she is no longer here. She was amazing, always doing something for the community whether it be helping Legacy, Red Cross, the Netball Association or anything else. She cooked amazing food and could come up with anything from what seemed like nothing. The thing I remember most was that she always provided the best hospitality in her home. She would always have a cuppa and something freshly baked for anyone who visited and loved cooking for everyone. She is my inspiration because she always put others before herself and would do anything for her family. I hope I can be even half as wonderful as her!”  – Sarah M

“My Mum – at 62 she was diagnosed with Diabetes last December and since then has turned her life around to a more healthier lifestyle. She bought a thermomix and has regained her passion for cooking, losing weight in the process. Watching her change her ways inspired me to do so too. Six months ago I would never have thought I would be making so many foods from scratch, ordering bulk through a co-op, ordering organic produce delivered to our door and getting so much satisfaction from it. I look forward to passing on the knowledge and health to my family.” 

 – Tahlia

 Shona’s family – her mum is wearing the blue & white top, & Shona is holding the baby.

“My mum is my inspiration! Becoming a mother myself has given me a whole new respect for how my mum managed to raise four kids while helping dad out on the dairy farm. Raising three small kids myself I don’t think I could do it without her support and encouragement. Especially when she had to deliver my third child at home! I love you mum :)”  – Shona


“My mum has already inspired me – having 3 kids under 3 and doing it tough on her own when my dad left us, she then found the most precious man as my step dad who taught me what a real man is. My mum has never had any books skills but would do any job to help bring money in to raise us. She is the strongest woman I know and so glad she is a still here to inspire my kids.”  

– Annie
Mel won two Pana Chocolate “I Love You Mum” gift boxes – one for her and one for her daughter…
“One of the most inspirational people in my life would have to be my daughter. We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. Although being bullied through her last yrs of high school and than spiraling into depression, she has come out on the other side a very strong and determined young women.”  – Mel
Sue won the Naughty Naturopath Mum’s “Mother’s Day Pack”…

My Mum is the most intelligent woman I know. She is not maternal and lost my father when my brother and I were very young. She sold the farm and brought a car, a caravan full of furniture, a cat, a dog and us 2 screaming kids across the Nullarbor Plain eventually to Queensland.

“When she arrived she rented a house and did not have enough money to put down a deposit on a fridge.

“We didn’t have much, but then again we had everything. We had a happy childhood and went to school. I had to give up my horse at an Auction with the Auctioneer using my crying on the horse to up the bids. Mum still took us to riding lessons.

“Until the day that she had enough to buy an Agistment Property and we had horses again. We still have that property as the family home.

“Mum had me at 40 years old and has now retired. She has moved into an over 50’s Resort and is loving life to the maximum.

“My brother has moved into the family home and is loving it there and with the ‘rules’ she taught me, which I based what I did on and went a bit further. I now have my own property and this meant that my Husband and I were able to buy a 100 acre farm and I have been loving life here and it is all because of my Mum.

“Thank you Mum.

“So yes we still live in poverty. LOL, but I am the richest person I know.”

– Sue Rutter 

(We’re still looking for Sue to let her know she’s won, so if you know her, tell her to get in touch!)

Kylie won the 4MyEarth Food Covers…

Kylie’s nan with Kylie’s eldest daughter

“I’m so proud of my nan. During WW2 she was only a teenager, but she ran between military posts during air raids in her native Manchester, relaying coordinates of bombers spotted on the skyline.
She dodged bombs, clambered over wreckage and saw people obliterated by the enemy.
But she didn’t say a word about her contribution until she was well into her eighties – we always knew she was strong and determined, but we never knew how much.
She deserves a medal as much as any person who went to the front.
Her quiet strength and bravery inspire me to meet any challenge with the same attitude as nan.”

– Kylie

You can read more of Kylie’s nan’s story in this blog that Kylie wrote called ‘The Invisible War Heroes’ – it’s an amazing story and will bring tears to your eyes.

Cate won the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Pads from Overcoming Overwhelm…

 Cate’s Nana (who turns 97 this year!), mum, and her with her three daughters

“My Mum is inspiring. I have never her seen anything go to waste in her kitchen. She uses everything – nothing goes in the bin until it has been exhausted, from making stock to compost, everything has a purpose done to the very end.”  – Cate

Danielle won the MiEssence Vitality Challenge Kit…  

Danielle with her mum

“I have some pretty amazing women in my life whom I admire, love and have endless gratitude for. My beautiful Mum who has given birth to 5 girls and who has dealt with so much in one life time and remains truthful and generous of spirit… My mother- in -law Wendy who too has endured so much in her life time including caring full time for her late son who developed a severe disability at age 11 and who offers so much as a grandparent to my two girls whom we all love dearly. And to my beautiful half sister whom I have recently connected with – what a delight she is and I am eternally grateful that we are now getting to know each other!”

Erin won the MiEssence ‘Delicious’ chocolate perfume sample + other MiEssence samples…

Erin & her best friend, Sari

“One of the most inspirational women in my life is my best friend Sari. What a beautiful soul. She restored my faith in having a girlfriend to call a best friend again. She has foregone many turmoils in her life from a very young age, yet time and time again, she gets back up and moves on. She always has the time to tell others how wonderful they are, she does nothing but spread the love and make others feel needed and worthy. To my children she is an Aunty and they love her just the same. She shows them guidance when I’m not there and teaches them to laugh like children should. My life wouldn’t be the same if she were not in it.”  – Sari

Thanks again to all of you who shared your stories – I hope all of you that are mums have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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