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(Ummm, no, this isn’t the recipe for my Cherry Delight ‘Cheese’cake, so sorry. I just thought the photo might get your attention.)

Hello everyone. I know, my Weekly Highlights are very late, but I have an excuse!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I’ve been a little bit absent from my blog and Facebook page lately. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I promise it’s not because I’ve been lazing around the house in my PJ’s all day eating dulce de leche on fresh strawberries (as much as I’ve wanted to). It’s just that I’ve been madly recipe testing and writing out recipes for the last couple of weeks because … I have a publisher for my COOKBOOK!!!! EEEEK!!! (A bit exciting!!) Yes, a really real printed book, complete with really real photographers and stylists and all that fun stuff!

And along with a publisher comes DEADLINES and SECRETS and eating, sleeping and breathing RECIPES! And as much as I’d love to, I’m afraid I can’t share the recipe for my cherry ‘cheese’cake yet, because I need it for my book. You do understand, don’t you? I’ll try not to tease you with any more photos that do not have recipes attached, okay? (Although now and then I might post a sneaky one on Instagram, so if you want to see some sneak previews that’s the place to look.)

So although I haven’t had as much time to chat, there were still quite a few subjects discussed on my Facebook page this past week. Here’s the main ones, to keep you all up to date.

My big girl turned 16 last week (yes, I’m feeling old!). She wasn’t interested in going out for dinner or having a party, she just wanted a big, family, Mexican fajita feast with a cherry cheesecake to finish it off. So that’s what we did…

Mexican Fajitas with Spelt Tortillas - Quirky Cooking

Fajitas with the lot! 

Spelt tortillas, Mexican rice (mum’s recipe – another option is my Mexican Quinoa), marinated fajita beef & chicken, sauteed red peppers (capsicums) and onions, guacamole, and my dairy free sour cream. So good.

Oh, and some smoky chipotle chilli sauce to top it off. Woweee, love that stuff!

(Do you like my cow apron? Lol!)

Mexican Fajitas with Spelt Tortillas - Quirky CookingMmmmm… fajitas!

What healthy treats would you cook for a 16th birthday party?

Here’s some reader’s ideas.

Coconut Caramel Custard - Quirky Cooking

Coconut Caramel Custard: In case you missed this, I posted this quick and easy recipe on the blog last week. Warning: dangerously addictive!

Pandan leaves: Ever see ‘pandan leaves’ in an Asian recipe and wonder where to get them, how to use them, whether you can grow them yourself, and what to substitute for them if they’re nowhere to be found? Wonder no more, answers here!

Date loaf/cake recipes: Do you have a favourite date loaf or cake you like to make? Here’s some readers’ favourites.

Grapefruit recipes: It’s grapefruit season, our fruit basket is overflowing with them! Need some ideas?

Travelling with Thermomix: A reader asked for simple Thermomix meal ideas that don’t need heaps of pantry stuff, as she wanted to take her Thermomix with them on holiday. With a 2 year old and a 7 month old, it’s a lot easier to ‘eat in’ than ‘out’, and the room they were to stay in only had coffee/tea making facilities. Here’s some ideas readers suggested for travel meals.

7 Ingredient challenge: A desperate plea for a quick dessert idea using the 7 ingredients available brought out some very creative suggestions!

Vegan dinners: Recipes and ideas for a meat free meal.

Traditional afternoon tea ideas: Except they need to be gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy free! No problem.

Free-from birthday cake! A reader needs a recipe for a birthday cake that’s gluten, dairy and soy free – preferably something rich and decadent.

Passionfruit recipes: Ideas for using up all those passionfruits that are falling off the vine! (At least here in FNQ, anyway!)

Paleo and nightshade-free food: A reader needs some ideas for paleo meals/food that are also free from potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, eggplants, capsicum and most legumes. Some great ideas here.

Lactation biscuit recipe: Have you heard of these? I hadn’t! Basically it’s a biscuit containing ingredients that help with lactation. Lots of other ideas for helping to increase breastmilk production here too.

Soup weather: What soups are you making on these wintery evenings?

Spelt Tortillas - Quirky Cooking 
 And just a quick tip for when you make your tortillas or wraps – this is how thin you want to roll them, then cook them quickly in a really hot, dry frypan so they don’t dry out. Make sure you keep them wrapped up in a clean tea towel while you cook them, so they stay warm and soft. Enjoy!


Boosting your immune system: A reader asked for help for immune boosting ideas, as her husband has Ross River Fever.

Making soaps in your Thermomix – yes or no? Some great ideas and discussions here.

New Thermomix Blog & FB Page! If you need some help meal planning with your new Thermomix, Thermonerd may be the blog for you. Being a work-at-home mum of a little boy and twin baby girls means this busy lady HAS to plan ahead to keep up! Meal planning is definitely the way to go for helping with time management and budgeting… if you haven’t tried it, you should.

By the way, there’s lots of menu plans on my blog, as well as some here on my Facebook page!

Favourite Thermomix recipe books: What’s your fave?

What the rural life is really like. I loved reading this blog post by Rural Miss and seeing her beautiful photos. Have you thanked a farmer today?

cherry delight cheesecake dairy free - quirky cooking

So now I’d better get back to my recipe writing…

I might have to get Mr I to do a guest post for me this week, so my blog doesn’t look so neglected.

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog
Have a great week!

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