You’re Invited to My Virtual Book Launch!

You’re invited to my book launch!

My new cookbook is finally here and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s been a long road, but Simple, Healing Food has finally arrived. Amazingly, the shipment of books arrived in the warehouse 2-3 weeks earlier than expected (WOOO!!) so if you pre-ordered the book you should have it in your hot little hands by now (or very soon), and new orders are being sent out daily! It’s been so fun seeing the excitement all over social media, with books arriving and recipes being tried and lots and lots of lovely reviews flooding in. THANK YOU!!! 

Simple, Healing Food - Reviews (1)
Simple, Healing Food - Reviews (2)
Simple, Healing Food - Reviews (4)

With my first two books I had a big-city book launch with the book production team, media, friends and family, but the world is a different place now and most of us would prefer to be close to home for a while. So I’ve decided to stay in my little town in Far North Queensland and do a Virtual Book Launch from my kitchen and invite you all!

Want to come? Please say yes, it’s going to be a lot of fun!!

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking
Jo & Fred, ready to chat! (Photo by Sabine Bannard)

What will the launch include?

  • a chat about the theme of Simple, Healing Food and the story behind the book
  • a chat with Elyse Comerford (Integrative Nutritionist and author of the gut health section of the book) on the importance of gut health + 3 simple steps to begin working towards better health
  • cooking demonstration of two simple recipes from the book, with tips for healthy eating without the stress
  • answering your questions about the book

This virtual launch will be livestreamed on my YouTube channel and open for anyone to watch, so feel free to share the link with your friends! As a thank you for registering, you will also receive a free recipe from the cookbook and a discount for my online store via email, after the event.

You will receive an email with the link to the livestream video 1 day before the event, and a reminder 30 minutes before the event. The launch will begin at 7pm AEST on Thursday 20th January, and will go for about 1 hour (or so). 

I know how confusing the time zones can be, so to help you out I’ve listed the times for the different states below:

  • QLD: 7pm

  • NSW, VIC, TAS: 8pm

  • SA: 7:30pm

  • NT: 6:30pm

  • WA: 5pm

For my friends in the UK, the time will be 9am on Thursday 20th. And for those of you in New Zealand, sorry it’ll be a late one (10pm!). 
I hope you can join me for this special occasion, but don’t worry if you can’t make it at that time – you can still register to attend and watch the replay later.

Have a great week and I hope to ‘see’ you at the launch! (And don’t worry, I won’t actually be able to see you. so you can wear your pyjamas and not comb your hair.) 😉

Jo xx

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