Joye’s Potato Bake

Joye's Potato Bake, Quirky Cooking

As most of you will know (if you watch my stories on Instagram and Facebook), my sister Joye works for me on Mondays, cooking up a storm in the Quirky kitchen to help with the recipe testing and the constant cooking for my ever-hungry family! She is an amazing cook and has always inspired me to try new things. Although I must admit, I wasn’t too keen on the mango she dried the other day with chilli powder (made with her homegrown habanero chillies) and salt… I took one bite and ran for the kitchen to get water! She couldn’t stop laughing because when she asked if I liked it I said, ‘weeeelllll… I wouldn’t eat it again on purpose!’ LOL!! But other than that, she usually has really good ideas. 😁 (Also, she’s really good at gardening and she brings me flowers every Monday, so I’ll forgive her for the chilli mango! 😄)

You may have noticed that Joye doesn’t generally write down her recipes. (Which is why she doesn’t have a cookbook. 😂) So when we DO get her to write one down, it’s a big deal! (See Joye’s recipe for Extra Puffy Brazilian Cheese Puffs – now a Quirky fave.) Thankfully Joye agreed to write down her potato bake recipe for us, as so many people asked for it after seeing it on my stories! Here it is, in her own words… I’ve added the details below the recipe for you because, yeah, she’d rather be gardening than writing ‘details’. 😉

My sister, Joye - Quirky Cooking
Joye's Potato Bake, Quirky Cooking
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Flowers from Joye’s garden


Joye’s Potato Bake

  • Author: Jo's sister, Joye!


Equal amounts potato and sweet potato, peeled, sliced thinly, parboiled. (I used 3 sweet and 3 regular)


1 cup cream

2 Tbsp natural yoghurt

1/2 c chicken stock

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion flakes

Zest of a lemon

Sprinkling of thyme

Salt and pepper, to taste


Butter baking dish, layer potatoes.

Mix together sauce ingredients and pour over potatoes.

Cover with grated cheese, bake etc

You’d have to adjust liquid amounts, so that it doesn’t just coat it. It’s got to be sitting in a puddle of it, so to speak.

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  • If you don’t cope well with lactose, you could swap the cream for 24 hour sour cream and yoghurt*, or make cashew milk and use that without straining out the pulp so it slightly thickens, plus a little coconut yoghurt if you like. 

(*24 hour fermenting results in an almost completely lactose-free yoghurt/sour cream – find my 24 hour yoghurt and sour cream recipes in my Simple, Healing Food cookbook or here). 

  • Use as much cheese as you like, or leave it out if you’re dairy free. For dairy free, you could add a little non-fortified savoury yeast flakes to the sauce for a cheesy flavour – about two teaspoons.
  • We used a 26x18cm dish.
  • The ‘puddle’ was about 1-2cm deep. 
  • Oven temp was 180C (fan-forced) and it baked for about 30 mins (just until lightly browned).

Easy peasy! Enjoy 🙂

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