{Podcast} Creating Healthy Habits

Creating Healthy Habits

A Quirky Cooking Chats Podcast with Jo Whitton

Awareness and knowing ‘the reason why’ is the first step to behaviour change! In this podcast, I talk about how you can reach your health goals by building skills and knowledge into your life, one tiny habit at a time.

{This podcast is excerpted from one of my lessons in The Gut Health Formula Program.}

Creating Healthy Habits - Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking
Journaling in nature - one of my favourite, healthy habits! (Photo by Sabine Bannard)

You may be feeling motivated and eager to make big health changes as soon as possible, but be careful about changing too many things too quickly! Motivation alone will not create lasting change - you won't feel motivated every day. A more sustainable approach is to determine your health goals and begin building tiny habits into your everyday life to help you acheive these goals.

  • Know your health priorities – the WHY behind any changes you want to make! Every goal you set for yourself needs to be made with your health priorities in mind.
  • Learn to build healthy habits. We feel more successful in life when healthy practices become part of us – habits that we hardly have to think about, and that make our life better.
  • You can reach your goals by thoughtfully and systematically building up the little habits, skills and knowledge that lead to change.
  • Motivation alone will not create changes in behaviour!
  • Learn to use time audits, habit scorecards, journalling, habit stacking, and the ‘tiny habit’ method to improve your health and lifestyle.
  • Know the importance of acknowledging successes (and making bad habits harder than good habits).
  • Accept mistakes as discoveries and use them to move forward.
  • And remember – keep it simple and start small!

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Here’s some books I’ve found inspiring on the topic of ‘creating healthy habits’
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