{Podcast} Answering Your Water Filter Questions

with Fiona Proven of Zazen Water Australia

A Quirky Cooking Chats Podcast with Jo Whitton.

Are you curious about the benefits of drinking filtered water? Wanting to learn more about the different filters and which one to choose? 

Listen in to this in-depth discussion for answers to all your water filter questions, and more!

In this podcast:

Fiona Proven of Zazen Water Australia joins me to answer listeners’ water filter questions, such as:

  • What’s the difference between the different water filters out there?
  • Are they worth the hype?
  • Is a cheap water filter jug better than nothing?
  • Do they require much to maintain?
  • What do you do when your ceramic filter goes a bit green?
  • Shower/bath filter recommendations?
  • Plastic or glass?
  • Can filters strip too many good minerals out of water?
  • Is it ok to drink bought filtered water in plastic bottles?

…And lots more.

Fiona shares detailed information about water filters in general and the Zazen water filter in particular; as well as the science behind filtering water in a way that mimics nature. 

The Zazen Water filter system is the filter I personally use, and you can find it in my online store here. Download the information booklet here.

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