Quirky Cooking for Gut Health
– All the help you need to begin cooking for GAPS Intro!


My new program to help you with cooking for the GAPS intro diet is launching very soon…

Here’s a quick update! We are hoping to release the program by the 19th of May, so keep an eye on your inbox and on social media. As soon as the sign up page is ready to go, we’ll let you know. EXCITING!!

While you wait, here’s some things to get started on…

  1. Begin by reading “Gut and Psychology Syndromeby Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. I know you just want to hurry up and get started now that you’ve decided to do it (been there, done that, jumped in unprepared!), but reading this book will really will help you to understand the principles behind the GAPS protocol. Also, read as much as you can on Natasha’s website (including the FAQs), and join my Quirky GAPS Group on Facebook.
  2. Start talking to your family about why things need to change, helping them to see the benefits of changing the way the family eats. Listen to podcasts together (especially Isaac’s Story if you have kids that need to do GAPS, or if anyone in your family suffers from anxiety), talk to them about what you’re reading and learning, include them in the journey.
  3. Start at the other end of the diet – it makes it easier to work backwards than to jump in at the start, cold turkey! Begin with cooking with simple, real foods (get rid of packet foods with flavours, preservatives and additives), go grain free (search for paleo and full gaps recipes online), dairy free (except maybe a bit of cultured dairy and butter/ghee if you can handle them), and change sweeteners to just a little honey and dates. Reduce all baking and sweets, focus on veggies with some meat, fruit, and nuts and seeds in moderation, and use good fats in your cooking. It really helps to be used to eating this way before diving into GAPS Intro – the transition is easier.
  4. Begin sourcing quality ingredients. Research where to buy grassfed (and finished) meats and free range chicken and eggs (preferably organic), bulk nuts and seeds, organic or pesticide free veggies, and raw honey. If you don’t know where to begin, ask in my Quirky GAPS Group, or my Quirky Cooking Chat Group.
  5. Plan ahead to keep life simple for a month or so when you begin – don’t book in any big events, parties, school camps, or sleep overs during that time. You’ll all have less energy at first, and will need to rest and focus on cooking and eating healing foods. If you will be working, or the kids are going to school or sports, get some soup thermoses so you can take food with you, and get them used to using them. And get a slow cooker to help with easy meal prep. 

These are just a few tips to help you get started, I look forward to sharing much more in the program – videos, fact sheets, checklists, menu plans and recipe ebooks that will make GAPS Intro much simpler for you. Make sure you’re subscribed to my Gut Health newsletter to be kept up with all the news, and to receive a taste of the delicious recipes you’ll find in the program! (Please fill in your details, and select the news to which you wish to subscribe.)

All the best as you begin your healing journey,

Jo xx

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