Join us for an unforgettable long weekend in the Byron Bay hinterland.

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Gut Health Retreat, Quirky Cooking

4 days and 3 nights spent on an organic farm near Byron Bay,
with Jo Whitton and Elyse Comerford…

Immersed in their teachings about lifestyle, movement, food, gut health,
and how to live your longest, healthiest and happiest life.

Jo Whitton & Elyse Comerford, Gut Health Retreat

With the busyness of daily life, it can feel challenging to make the changes you want, and frustrating if you are not seeing the results.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to immerse yourself in the principles of how you want to live your life?

  • Waking each morning with a purpose and intention

  • Starting each day focussed on your breath and movement

  • Surrounding yourself with motivation and inspiration

  • Learning how to fuel your body, with nourishing healing foods

  • Space for conversations and connections

  • Taking back control of your health journey

  • Leaving with the knowledge to continue this journey

  • Having the support you need to reach your goals

Join us in the ‘health heart’ of Australia, for a life-changing experience that will not just impact you for 4 days, but will spill over into how you live your life every day.

July 15th – 18TH, 2021
at Wybalena Organic Farm, Byron Bay Hinterlands


Gut Health Seminars with Jo & Elyse

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