Life-Changing Food Gut Health Retreat

April 2017 Retreat

From Thursday (evening) April 27
Till Sunday (evening) April 30 

April 2017 Retreat is now completed.

June 2017 Retreat

From: Thursday (evening) June 1
Till: Sunday (evening)  June 4 

June 2017 Retreat is now completed.


You may have heard a few whispers about the possibility of us hosting some gut health retreats this year… 

Well guess what? It’s happening!!

Our new cookbook, Life-Changing Food, is being released in early April (YAY!!), and we are excited to invite you to come join us for our first Life-Changing Food Retreats near my home on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland! 

At these three-day retreats, you’ll learn firsthand how to implement the health and lifestyle changes we have shared in our book, talked about on our podcast and in our Gut Health Program, and written about on the blog.

Joining me on the retreat will be my friend whole-food chef and co-author of Life-Changing Food, Fouad Kassab; Mary Kelly from Good Mood Food; Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life, and for flexibility and movement, Emma Bowen, remedial therapist and Pilates instructor.

What to expect:

  • Enjoy delicious, GAPS friendly, gut-healing foods cooked by our chef using local, seasonal ingredients
  • Daily, hands-on cooking workshops where you get to learn to make these gut healing recipes yourself
  • Learn ways to promote good gut health with food and lifestyle
  • Get time out in nature, bushwalking and swimming in waterfalls and rainforest pools
  • One-on-one time with the speakers and coaches
  • Have interesting and educational discussions around meal tables and campfires and lots of time to relax and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Atherton Tablelands
  • Time away from the kids where you can relax and get healthy

We will teach how to:

  • cook nourishing, gut-healing GAPS foods for your family
  • work out what foods are best for your specific needs
  • transition the family onto a wholefoods diet
  • help fussy eaters learn to enjoy a variety of wholefoods
  • understand how to de-tox your home
  • shop for ethical, sustainable, local and non-toxic foods
  • strengthen your body and increase your fitness levels naturally
  • take time out to relax and reset in the stunning natural setting of the Atherton Tablelands

… plus you’ll have the support of inspiring speakers, exercise and health coaches, and like-minded health-seekers to talk through any questions and thoughts about the health and lifestyle changes you want to make!


Jo Whitton
& Fouad Kassab

of Quirky Cooking, the Quirky Cooking for Gut Health Program, and A Quirky Journey Podcast

Elyse Comerford


Sydney-based Nutritionist and Certified GAPS Practitioner

Alexx Stuart

of Low Tox Life

Writer, Speaker and Health Coach

Emma Bowen

of EMpower Health Coaching

Remedial Therapist and Pilates Instructor

Emma Bowen

Emma lives in beautiful Far North Queensland and is a successful Remedial Massage Therapist/Integrated Cupping Specialist, Health Coach and Pilates Instructor, and a self confessed muscle nerd. Her life’s passion is to help clients gain a better quality of life through muscle therapy, movement and body awareness.  Emma’s view is that exercise should be fun, functional, and should not cause you injury or dread. It should be a celebration of movement and how to best look after your body and help create that mind/body connection that is often missing in this fast paced, modern world.

True flexibility can be achieved only when all the muscles are uniformly developed.” – Joseph Pilates

Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart passionately advocates for the “Low Tox Life” which doesn’t mean endless juice cleanses and only eating kale – It means living consciously, connected to where what we put ON and IN us comes from and how it affects us and our planet. It also means checking in with our mental health because people making changes who are stressed out of their minds? No good! She holds talks, workshops, educational programs online and writes books, to bring her research and philosophies to life. Alexx authored a US Amazon best selling book on “Real Treats” in 2013, showing people that deliciousness can indeed be gluten, dairy and refined ingredient free. “Discovery not deprivation” is her motto for people looking towards a more conscious way of living. “If change doesn’t feel good, we’re not doing it right, and that’s what I help people do. Create positive, empowering change and love it!”

Elyse Comerford

Elyse Comerford is a Sydney-based Nutritionist and Certified GAPS Practitioner. Elyse’s whole practice is now dedicated to guiding families on their path of healing with the GAPS protocol. Having turned to the GAPS protocol to heal her own health issues, Elyse became determined to show others that they too can reclaim their health. Elyse has seen incredible outcomes with the hundreds of families she has worked with so far, and is determined to show her clients that no matter what the issues and perceived barriers, there is ALWAYS a way in with more nutrient dense foods, and steps that can be taken on the path of healing. Listen to our podcast with Elyse here.

Jo Whitton

Jo Whitton is a food blogger, author and speaker from Far North Queensland, who runs her business mostly from home, and also travels nationally and internationally to teach about food for healing. Jo’s love for cooking began at a very young age, and she began experimenting with allergy friendly cooking as a young mum, due to her own and her family’s food intolerances. Her business began with her blog, Quirky Cooking, in December 2008, where she shares her recipes and tips for healthy cooking. Her first cookbook, Quirky Cooking, was published in May, 2014 and quickly became a best seller. Her second cookbook, Life-Changing Food, has been produced in conjunction with her good friend, wholefood chef and food writer, Fouad Kassab. The book became a best seller during the pre-order phase, and is due to be released in April 2017.  In August 2014, Jo and her family embarked on the GAPS diet to help their son Isaac heal from anxiety, depression and OCD. They saw amazing improvements not only in Isaac’s health and wellbeing, but also in their whole family’s health.  Jo has become very dedicated to helping her readers learn to use food for healing and has released an online program to teach cooking for the GAPS Intro diet. As well as her blog and books, Jo hosts a podcast with Fouad called ‘A Quirky Journey’, runs various online support groups, speaks at seminars around Australia and overseas, on podcasts, radio and online webinars, teaches private and public cooking classes, answers questions from readers on social media daily, and is an ambassador for the MINDD Foundation.  

Fouad Kassab

Fouad Kassab is a whole-foods chef and food writer. Born in Lebanon during the height of the civil war, Fouad grew up on antibiotics and a diet dependant on international aid, heavy with highly refined flour, vegetable oils, sugar and skim milk powder. As a result he struggled with weight and health issues.  He moved to Australia in 2001 and battled chronic illness until 2011 when he discovered the insulin hypothesis.  This took him down the path of discovery and healing that culminated in a love and understanding of the extraordinary healing power of whole food. Fouad focuses on both cooking and writing to spread wellness through whole food and has written for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide and ran two whole food restaurants in Sydney (Chic Pea and Baraka).  Fouad is the best-selling co-author of Life-Changing Food.  He also offers cooking classes to teach people how to navigate the world of Paleo and GAPS. You can find out more at



At this retreat we will be cooking and serving only nourishing whole foods that are recommended for gut healing, therefore all meals and snacks will be suitable for the GAPS diet. We will be using local produce, including wild caught reef fish, grass fed meats, and organic vegetables. 


Single Room

or 3 payments of $850

Shared Room

or 3 payments of $825 


Guests are to arrive in Cairns on the Thursday afternoon/evening. One night’s accommodation included in Cairns before departing to the Atherton Tablelands 

Days and evenings of retreat will be spent at the Rainforest Bounty outdoor cooking school. Guests will stay at nearby hotel, Malanda Lodge which offers basic but comfortable country accommodation. Accommodation at the Malanda Lodge is included. 


All travel between retreat and accommodation is included in price. Travel to and from Cairns is not included.

Payment Schedule For Part Payments


Payment Schedule for April retreat

Payment 1: upon booking, Payment 2: 05/04/17, Payment 3: 24/04/17


Payment Schedule for June retreat

Payment 1: upon booking, Payment 2: 24/04/17, Payment 3: 24/05/17


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to make a cancellation please contact [email protected] at least 2 weeks before the event for a full refund. If you wish to cancel within 2 weeks of the event, we will attempt to find someone to take your spot, in which case we will provide you with a full refund. If, however, we fail to find someone to take your spot, we can only refund you 50% of the event cost. 

Rainforest Bounty Cooking School.
Check out their video below to see what this amazing place is all about.

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