Nourishing Your Family, Jo Whitton & Elyse Comerford

Sometimes all of the health information isn’t enough, and at the same time it’s TOO MUCH!! 

Wouldn’t you love to have someone help you put simple steps in place so you can really begin to nourish and heal your family? We get it! Back when we started transforming the way we ate, there wasn’t the level of information there is now, and we fumbled our way through for many years, trying many different things before finding what worked for our families. Both Elyse and myself are (obviously!) quite passionate about sharing our own experiences and knowledge as much as we can, to help others take a shorter (and hopefully more direct!) path to overall wellness. 

We share as much information as we can through social media posts, podcasts, blog posts, recipes, seminars and books – but we know that sometimes all the information either isn’t enough, or it’s too much! That is why we are offering tailored, whole food mentoring packages to give families the support they need to transition to a healthy, healing diet that is perfect for them!

What we are offering: 

Elyse and I will work with you to put together a Whole Food Mentoring Program tailored to your family’s needs. There is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to health, so our aim is to learn about your unique family, and how best you can move towards your health goals without the stress and overwhelm – because creating more stress to be healthy makes no sense! 

We break things down by looking at what your lifestyle is like, how much time you have, and how balanced all areas of your life are. We then look at your health goals for your whole family, and work together on a plan that will take you from where you are at, to heading in the direction of those goals. We know that ‘healthy’ and ‘nourished’ is possible for everyone, and that ‘will-power’ and ‘self-control’ are not the means to get there. We will help you troubleshoot what is holding your family back, and assist you in the development of a plan to make it happen! 

Who is this program for? 

  • Anyone struggling to take the next step towards good health
  • Families on a standard diet who want to include more whole foods 
  • Families wanting to work on improving gut health or who want to work towards GAPS 
  • Parents who are time poor or overwhelmed 
  • Parents who have all the information and don’t know what to do with it 
  • Parents who have NO information and don’t know where to start 
  • Couples or singles who also meet any of the above 

You can see this program is for anyone, right? This is our chance to meet you exactly where you are at, and develop a plan that is perfect for you and your family, and will help you achieve real, sustainable change. Nothing would make us happier than to see that happen! 

What is included: 

    • 1 x 1 hour consultation with Jo Whitton
    • 1 x 1 hour consultation with Elyse Comerford
    • Jo and Elyse will then spend 3 hours planning and putting together a folder of tailored information for your family 
    • 1 x email to both Jo and Elyse to clarify any questions etc after receiving folder
    • 1 x One hour follow-up session with Elyse
    • 1 x One hour follow-up session with Jo

Consultation with Elyse Comerford 

In your consult with Elyse Comerford, Elyse will work on getting a really good insight into the health of all of your family members. In this session, she will discuss your health history (which will be part of your booking form), and delve deeper into what you have been trying, what has helped, and what hasn’t. Elyse will help you establish the approach to take when it comes to nutrition and health, and what is most important to focus on for each family member. This will also be a step-by-step approach, focussed on achieving your health goals for your family. Elyse will also recommend any supplements or testing if they are required (and as you know, she will only recommend these if they are REALLY needed). 

Consultation with Jo Whitton:

In your consult with Jo Whitton, Jo will discuss with you the practical aspects of a healthy diet and lifestyle – what it looks like in everyday life, and how to make it doable for your family! She will talk through things like time management, diet changes, healthy swaps, bulk buying and budgeting for healthy cooking, bulk cooking, meal planning, helping to get the family on board, and self care. She’ll ask you what is working, and what isn’t working for you (that’s important – tell us everything that is hard right now so we can help you fix it!) and will go over options with you to nut out an individualised strategy for your family. She will then be working on a tailored meal plan with recipes to get your started, along with lots of other information and guides to help you to achieve your goals.

Your personal health plan:

After both of your consultations with Jo and Elyse, they will get together to discuss everything they covered in your consultations. Jo and Elyse will spend at least 3 hours (more if they need to!) putting together your personal family health plan, created with your goals and needs in mind. This will include a detailed outline of the steps for you to follow, and how to use the abundance of resources we will provide you with, specifically selected to suit the needs of your family. (Don’t worry, we set things out simply, so that each step is clear for you and you won’t be overwhelmed with a whole lot of information all at once!)

Clarification email:

After receiving your personal health plan and familiarising yourself with your plan and resources, you can then send an email to Jo and Elyse with any comments, questions, basically anything that you are needing clarification on so you are confident and ready to start working through the steps of your plan. 

Time to work on building new habits:

Take the time you need to work through the steps Elyse and Jo have helped you to begin, at your own pace. You’ll have the tools you need, and there’s also the option of joining their private chat groups where you’ll find plenty of support on your journey.

Follow up sessions with Jo and Elyse: 

At around the 6 week mark after receiving your tailored plan, you can then book in your 1 hour follow-up sessions (two separate sessions, one with Jo and one with Elyse). In these sessions you will be able to share how things have been going, what you have changed (again, what has worked, and what hasn’t!) and Jo and Elyse will help you plan any other steps or changes. If you need more help in the future, there will be the option to add one-on-one mentoring sessions with either Jo or Elyse as needed.


$1000 per family 

This can be paid up front, or as 10 x payments of $100/week over 10 weeks. 

Jo and Elyse will only be working with a small number of families in this program, so if you think this is something that your family needs, please get in touch!

Fill your details in below, and we will be in touch shortly!