We think you’re going to love our new range of Handcrafted Wooden Kitchenware!

They are beautiful to look at and a joy to use.

We are thrilled to have Di Page, in Bauple, Queensland, handcrafting wooden spoons and spreaders for us from various Aussie timbers. Each piece is unique and lovingly made

We also have an exciting new range of chopping and serving boards crafted by my son Simi with the help of ‘Grandpa’ (my dad), straight from Grandpa’s workshop here in FNQ! After a lifetime of experience in woodcarving, Grandpa is passing down his skills to Simi through the creation of these amazing boards. Products will be released in limited batches, each collection being unique and designed to follow the natural beauty of Aussie timber. Look out for updates about new releases in your email subscription for the chance to choose your very own from our range of Quirky Cooking chopping and serving boards!

A big part of the joy of cooking is having top quality tools to use in the kitchen, wouldn’t you agree? And if they are Australian made, even better!! Our wooden kitchenware range has been designed especially for Quirky Cooking to Jo’s specifications, and we could not be more excited to share them with you!

These make a perfect gift, or just gift them to yourself because they’ll make you HAPPY!

How to care for your Handcrafted Wooden Kitchenware:

These unique handcrafted pieces are made with love and sealed with organic flaxseed oil.

To clean, simply rinse or wipe over with a wet soapy cloth then rinse well. They will not like being immersed in water or put in the dishwasher.

Your spoons and boards may colour with different foods, but that will just give them a well-loved look! Boards will also naturally build up a patina from knife cuts throughout their lifetime, but again this is a beautiful feature of natural, wooden kitchenware. 

If you want to return your wooden products to a shinier version of themselves, you can oil them occasionally with  flaxseed oil, or other oils such as coconut or jojoba oils. Rub the oil in well then buff off with a cloth. Leave product in a warm place to dry, then repeat a couple of times until you achieve the desired finish. (We find flaxseed oil to be the best option as it also lightly seals the wood.)

Happy cooking! 

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