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Rice-Almond Milk - Quirky Cooking
One of the greatest expenses for those of us who are ‘dairy-free’ has got to be milk substitutes, such as rice, almond or soy milks. Our family used to go through 2 litres of bought rice milk most days, which cost us at least $2.50 per day. The other day I met a lady who has many allergies, and she buys organic almond milk which costs her $10/litre!!! EEK! So I am very thankful for my wonderful Thermomix, which helps me save money, as well as helps keep us healthy. (Most bought milks contain vegetable oils, emulsifiers and preservatives.) Here is my recipe for rice-almond milk made in the Thermomix – it’s very quick, and tastes good. And it’s very cheap! The almonds help the flavour, and add calcium. I buy insecticide-free almonds bulk, for about $11/kilo, and bulk organic brown rice. If you don’t own a Thermomix, try and make friends with someone who does, so you can use theirs! (Ha Ha!) Sorry, but I can’t think of any other way to easily make this recipe! If you cook the rice, then blend it, it gets too thick and ‘ricey’ tasting – I used to try that before I had a Thermomix. Doing it this way, you don’t get that thick ‘rice-water’ consistency.  If you’d like a grain free, dairy free milk, just make a raw nut milk – that’s the simplest. 100g soaked raw almonds or cashews and 500g water, blended until smooth and strained. Print

Rice Almond Milk

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  • 100g brown rice
  • 80g raw almonds (or raw cashews for a smoother, creamier milk)
  • 1.8 litres water
  • 2 T coconut oil (optional, for creaminess)
  • 50g honey or pure maple syrup (or to taste)
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  1. Cover rice and almonds with warm water and leave to soak overnight. (For quick soak method, cover with boiling water and soak for 30 mins.) Strain off water.
  2. Place soaked rice and almonds into Thermomix bowl and add 1 litre water. Blend 1 min/speed 9.
  3. Add coconut oil, honey and salt and cook 6 mins/60C/speed 4.
  4. Blend 1 min/speed 9 then add remaining water. Mix for a few seconds on speed 5, then strain through a nut milk bag.
  5. Cool, and enjoy!


  • For a quick version, when you don’t have time to soak, mill dry rice 1 min/speed 9; add almonds and mill another 10 sec/speed 9; add 1 litre water, coconut oil, honey and salt, and cook; then add remaining water, mix, and strain.
  • For plain rice milk, use 200g rice and omit nuts.
  • If you don’t have brown rice, any rice will do.
  • You can use the ‘pulp’ that’s left over in any cakes/muffins/cookies etc, especially the ‘blender-batter’ ones; or in custard or soups and stews, to thicken.

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93 thoughts on “Rice-Almond Milk

  1. Hayley Aston says:

    Hi Jo,
    Just made this rice/almond milk to use in your hot cross bun recipe tonight… and its delicious! So tempting just to drink it straight out of the jug as its cooling! I’m glad there’s plenty leftover after using it in the hot cross buns.. it’ll be going on my breakfasts.. a really yummy alternative to cows milk til our fresh, raw, unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk comes through from our house cow!
    Thanks so much for the recipe. 🙂

  2. Kassandra Morgan says:

    Hi jo,
    My eldest boy has autism so he is gf/cf he’s been on store bought ricde milk for a while now and i’ve just bought a thermomix and wanted to make some rice milk is there a recipe for just rice milk or does this one have a similar taste and consistency to store bought ones texture aversions are a bit of a problem so trying to ease him into the change but save some money.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Jo, thank you so much for this. My son has to go dairy-free for a few weeks and I didn’t want to go out and buy expensive nut milks. I’ve just made this and it’s delicious! Except that I doubled everything and didn’t add the extra water – I quite like the taste of it as it is. Does it matter about adding the extra water? Thanks again for this recipe.

  4. Yvette Proctor says:

    I love this! So much cheaper! No different on the calories though, unless I don’t have to use oil if I replace the almonds with cashews. Can I do that? Also, as the Almonds help with the calcium, would cashews also help with calcium too or would I need to add a calcium powder of some sort? Not really wanting to add stuff that I don’t have to.

  5. Anonymous says:

    my 13 month old is still breastfed but only feed her in the morning and at night so thinking.. could i give her this milk instead of cows milk? im not keen on cows milk so wonder if this would be ok? thoughts?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jo
    I have a friend who has a few challenges at hand. Her 3 year old is anaphylactic to dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts… Do you have any suitable Thermomix recipes? As a start – any milks where nuts are not used as a creamy ‘filler’? Have you got a recipe for Rice milk and sunflower seeds maybe?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Jo Whitton says:

      Hi Anita, you can use sunflower seeds in this one instead of almonds, or just use all rice (so double the rice and leave out the almonds). Lots of suitable recipes on my site – are you on FB? We’re just discussing this there tonight. 🙂

  7. Erica @ Mixotrophy says:

    Any ideas for a recipe that doesn’t separate out when added to espresso coffee? Purely aesthetic, I know, but still!
    I’ve tried a couple of different recipes now, yours included, and they all separate when added to the coffee 🙁

  8. Unknown says:

    I am going to make this for my baby to have in her bottle at night – am trying to see if I can decrease mucous production and stop ear infections. I am not sure about adding sugar or honey to a drink she has before bed – I don’t want her getting cavities – will it taste ok if I leave it out?

  9. cooking with and without says:

    Thank you! We just figured out that baby number 2 is allergic to dairy. I have taken all dairy out of my diet as I am breastfeeding. I followed your instructions and made my first batch of rice milk with sweet brown rice soaked overnight. I added some of the pumpkin spice that I made the other day in my TM.
    I learn so much from you, Thank you!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I only used brown rice and no nuts. First batch was perfect, second batch was way too thick?! Do I just water it down? Bub drinks it in his bottle so it can’t be too thick! G 🙂

  11. Martina Badiali says:

    I just got my Thermomix and started looking for recipies to make my vegetable milk from scratch… I’m still experimenting but yours, here, is the best I found so far, even if I had to do some minor changes to fit the ingredients I had at home (in Italy, coconut oil/milk is quite a rare thing to find!).
    Your blog is a true goldmine for healthy and fun cooking, thank you for sharing, I’m bookmarking it and coming back for sure!

  12. Luisa says:

    Hi, i was wondering how you use the “leftover” stuff. I see you add it to anything that goes into the thermie – but do you use it as a replacement?
    I loved the milk – and even the leftovers, but i have just frozen them for now.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Jo, just making this for the first time tonight. At which stage do we add the salt? It doesn’t appear in the instructions. Thanks. Xx

  14. Casey McDermott says:

    Awesome recipe! I love the use of coconut oil in this and my son loves it. It’s the perfect milk substitute.

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Jo,

    Just wondering if I could use Manuka honey instead of normal honey or maybe vanilla bean paste to cut out the sugar. My son is on an elimination diet from diary/gluten/sugar and preservatives etc and is nor allowed to eat honey or anything with a high sugar content.


  16. Julie says:

    Hi, tried today in a Cuisine Companion and the rice graibs are still in tact at the end of the process. Any suggestions?

  17. Brigitte Hines says:

    Hello Jo, cant wait to meet you one day!! I am on the Gold Coast. Please tell me WHERE to buy the organic almonds for $11 a kilo? Also any other tips of where to buy good health shop goodies at wholesale prices? Your cooking is AMAZING!!…
    Kind regards,

    • QuirkyJo says:

      Hi Brigitte! This was an old post, but you can buy bulk pesticide free almonds through Trumps in Brisbane – we buy through a co-op so it’s very cheap. I think the price is about $14/kg these days if you buy 12.5kg at a time – still not bad!! Or you can buy smaller amounts in bulk through the Source Bulk Foods Stores!

  18. Alex says:

    Hi Jo
    I am gradually changing my diet and trying to reduce dairy. Can I substitute the brown rice with regular white rice? Will it taste the same?

  19. Cathy Hornyak says:

    Hi Jo,
    My son anaphylactic to dairy and we have egg & nut allergies also. Have just tried making straight rice milk from the recipe in your book. Did the quick version so no soaking. Hoping you could clarify, if in future I should soak the brown rice overnight, or is it not required when not using nuts. Love your recipes, can’t wait for the new book.
    Thanks, regards Cathy

  20. Nicola says:

    Hi jo,
    How would I go about making this without the rice. My bf Bub has a dairy,soy and rice allergy so I’d love to make my own almond milk. Also how many cashews would I use to substitute the coconut oil? Thanks!

  21. [email protected] says:

    H Jo!
    I love this recipe and all your content. Thank you.
    This may be a silly question but I thought I would just double check – do I have to cook the brown rice or do anything to it beforehand or do I just use it from it’s raw stage in this recipe?
    Thank you very much.

    • QuirkyJo says:

      Thanks Bonnie! No you don’t need to cook it first, you begin with raw brown rice, mill it to a fine powder with the almonds, then barely cook it, blend and strain. 🙂

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