An Update & A Creamy Pine Lime Green Smoothie Recipe

Quirky Cooking - Allergy-friendly, whole-food recipes to delight and inspire!

Hi guys! What have you all been up to? I’ve been too busy for blogging much lately, but I thought I’d better pop in and update you all on what’s happening around here! And because I miss you.

So let’s see, what’s been happening…

Well last weekend I cooked for The Organic Experience grassroots food tour, which was a blast as always. If you ever get a chance to go on this tour, I highly recommend it – you will learn HEAPS about sustainable farming, why it’s important to buy local produce, healthy homegrown living, back to basics cooking, and creating a strong, vibrant community where you live. I wish I could go on every tour, they’re amazing! Emma Lodge does a great job of organising them. The photo above is where I cooked lunch, at a quaint little community hall out amongst the green fields not far from home…

Quirky Cooking - Allergy-friendly, whole-food recipes to delight and inspire!
Sjoerd of Real Food Network was the tour guide this time, and did a great job

It was really lovely to meet Sarah (aka the Clever Cook) on the tour – her and her husband flew up from Brisbane to come along! So see? It must be worth it! (Btw, check out her blog if you love healthy food with an emphasis on low carb, gluten free options – lots of yummy ideas.)

Quirky Cooking - Allergy-friendly, whole-food recipes to delight and inspire!
 Me and Sarah (and yes, I was pretty tired by then!)

Quirky Cooking - Allergy-friendly, whole-food recipes to delight and inspire!

For those of you who have wondered how the Ford Territory Titanium test driving is going (I’ve had lots of questions): YES I love it, I’d buy one in a flash! I’ve been driving it for the last 6 weeks thanks to Voices of 2013 and Ford (thanks Ford, can I please keep it??) and it’s just a beautiful car to drive. As you can see, it fits heaps in the back with the two back seats down. I’ve had all sorts of cargo in it, from cooking gear for my classes and demos, to luggage (and Thermomix of course) when we went away for a week (all six of us), the kids and their soccer balls and jackets and boots and bags, the vege box from our co-op…

Quirky Cooking - Allergy-friendly, whole-food recipes to delight and inspire! 
Yes, tomorrow will be a sad day, as I have to give the Ford back. One last goodbye photo… 

In other news, I started a Quirky Cooking Chat Group! Have you joined yet? We have such a great community on Facebook, and I think that collectively you guys know the answers to just about everything there is to know. So, after lots of requests, I decided last night to set up a group where you can post your questions and our quirky community can help answer them… which takes some of the pressure off me, because I can’t keep up lately!

There’s lots of great discussions happening over there (and already nearly 4000 members in 10 days!) so check it out and request to join if you’d like to. There are a few admins looking after things and I’ll pop in when I can (although when I do, they tell me to ‘go write that book’!! ha ha)

I have turned off the private messages on my facebook page for now, but if you need to contact me privately you can still email through the email button on my blog. I will of course still be posting on facebook as usual, but the ‘chat group’ is great for getting a quick answer to your questions, and you can ‘search’ for topics in the group too, which will be helpful. (Note: If you’ve sent me a private message already, I can still read and answer them, and will try to when I can, but if possible, repost it in the group, then other readers can pitch in to help.) 

So that’s my news for now, other than that it’s still work work work on the book, and getting ready for the photo shoot which is happening in Perth next month! Yay!! (All a bit exciting!)
Creamy Pine Lime Smoothie - Quirky Cooking
The other day my daughter was feeling sorry for herself because she’d just had her braces adjusted and her mouth was too sore to eat, so I made up this smoothie for her, using some of the pineapple and limes that are filling up my vege box at this time of year! Here’s the recipe – I hope you enjoy it!
Creamy Pine Lime Green Smoothie
Serves 4
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  1. 100g activated (or raw) cashews
  2. 1 apple, quartered
  3. 1 large naval orange, peeled & halved
  4. 1 lime, peeled
  5. 200g frozen pineapple, cut in 2cm cubes
  6. 60g baby spinach leaves
  7. 400g Natural Raw C coconut water
  8. 150g ice cubes
  1. Place all the ingredients into your Thermomix or a powerful blender, and blend 2 mins/speed 10.
Quirky Cooking

And if you were wanting the recipe for the gingerbread bikkies in the photo, it’s a bit of a spin off of these ones. The new version will be in my book, but these are yummy too.

So that’s it from me tonight, I hope you enjoy the smoothie, have a great week.
Jo xx


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