{Podcast} Real-Life Homeschooling, with Jo Bennet of Aussie Homeschool Adventures

A Quirky Cooking Chats Podcast with Jo Whitton.

Thinking about homeschooling but not sure you’ll cope? Wondering how other homeschooling parents organise their day and how to get started? 


Joanne and I are keeping it real in this podcast, so join us for a chat about:

  • Why we chose to homeschool
  • Raising socially well-adjusted kids
  • How to do it all (Hint: we don’t!)
  • What a usual school day looks like, and how it changes as the kids grow older
  • Homeschooling options
  • Private or government schools and Home Education Units
  • How to choose curriculums, what we have used, and good resources for school books
  • What to do when the kids won’t listen or are having a bad day
  • Transitioning from school to homeschooling (‘deschooling’)
  • Preparing your homeschooled children for university 
  • Teaching kids a love of learning
  • The importance of relationship building for a successful homeschool journey
  • Teaching kids to be of service in their community
  • What Jo’s adult kids are doing now

Wondering what Joanne’s kids think of homeschooling?

Watch this interview with Joanne’s girls on homeschooling here!

Want to know more about how I homeschooled my four kids? Listen to this podcast from 2015, when I was still in the midst of the homeschool years. 🙂

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