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Taco Mince with Tex-Mex Spice Blend

Enjoy taco night without all the nasties! A delicious, additive-free taco seasoning the whole family [...]

Sausage Roll Fillings

If you're grain free or gluten free and missing sausage rolls, try these delicious filling [...]


Quick & Easy Tex-Mex Chilli

Chilli is quick to make, you can hide lots of veggies in there, it freezes [...]


Introducing the Quirky Cooking Spice Blend Range!

Check out our new range of spice blends, based on popular Quirky Cooking recipes! Organic [...]

Spicy Pumpkin Mash with Baked Eggs

Spicy pumpkin mash is a delicious use for roast pumpkin - spread the mash in [...]

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Joye’s Potato Bake

My sister Joye cooks with me on Mondays and I often get requests for her [...]

Endometriosis Awareness Month: Gut Health Tips & Healing Soups

If you are suffering with endometriosis, then focusing on the health of your gut is [...]

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Extra Puffy Brazilian Cheese Puffs! (Pão De Queijo)

We love it when my sister makes us Brazilian Cheese Puffs!! ???? They never last [...]


Lebanese Style Herb-Crusted Fish

Feeling inspired to make something extra special for the holidays? Keep it simple and delicious [...]


Braised Brussels Sprouts and Second Chances

I can’t remember where I was the first time I tried Brussels sprouts, but I do remember [...]