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I’ve been so busy that I haven’t kept up with my posts the last couple of weeks… I was planning to sit down tonight and post all the recipes I’ve taken photos of this week, but I’ve cut my finger peeling carrots, so it’s all wrapped up in a bulky bandage and it’s very awkward to type, so here’s the photos, and hopefully I’ll be able to type up the recipes soon!

Spelt Carob Cake – this may look wicked, but it’s very healthy! I sweeten it with either Rapadura, or a mixture of Rapadura & stevia, or honey. (Can of course be made with cocoa.) The icing is NAS carob buds melted with a little butter, honey & rice milk – it goes kind of hard as it cools, which is perfect for icing. You can also add crushed hazelnuts and use it for a toast spread instead of Nutella!

Corn & Bean Patties – we have these for breakfast or lunch. They’re made of ground up cannelini beans, spelt flour, eggs, fresh corn, shallots… yum!

Homemade spelt bread, with homemade butter! (All made in the Thermomix.)

Ministrone (made in Thermomix) & Spelt toast – a very quick lunch! (About 20 mins from go to whoah!)

That’s all for now – this finger is annoying me so I think I’ll stop! Back soon, I hope!

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