This Week’s Menu Plan


As you can see I didn’t get a menu plan posted this week as I was just too busy… and besides, some of the recipes I’m trying out this week are SECRET!!!  That’s because I’m practising some new and interesting combinations for the “Master Thermy Chef Challenge”!  Yes, we’re having our own ‘Masterchef’ challenge at our Thermomix cooking classes, with mystery bags of grocery items from which we have to create three dishes – all three prepared, cooked and plated up in 30 minutes!  (We get to use two Thermomixes and an oven, so I think we can manage it.)  This is to raise money for Relay for Life, so each team has to find sponsors – we have teams of five or six, and we’re hoping to raise $100 each (or more if we can!).  If you’d like to sponsor my team and help us raise money for Relay for Life, or if you’d like to organize your own team, please contact me 

If you live on the Tablelands, come along to our next cooking class to see the teams competing in the “Master Thermy Chef Challenge” – it’s going to be a lot of fun, and you’ll get to eat whatever we cook!

Next Cooking Class:

Monday 9th August,

6.30 – 8.30 pm

at the

Atherton Golf Club,

Golf Links Rd,

Atherton  FNQ


(Please email me to book a place at the cooking class!)

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