Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese

Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese - Quirky Cooking

Here’s an idea for dessert for your Christmas party… 

Bake a Torte Caprese, 

top it with Berry Nougat with Cacao Nibs

and drizzle it with chocolate!

Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese - Quirky Cooking

You can find the Torte Caprese recipe in the 
Thermomix Everyday Cookbook.

It’s a delicious, gluten free, flourless cake made with 
almonds and chocolate,

and it only takes about five minutes to throw together!

I used my Thermomix to grate the chocolate, 

grind the nuts, and mix the batter for the cake; 

to make the nut butter and chop the almonds for the berry nougat, 

and mix it together;

and to melt the chocolate for drizzling over the top.

Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese  -Quirky Cooking


20 thoughts on “Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese

  1. Jo Whitton says:

    Well, Anonymous, I would if I knew who you were! 😉 I made it in between finishing off school for the year, doing a Thermomix demo and going to a Christmas bbq… doesn’t take long! 🙂

  2. Jo Whitton says:

    Thanks Cat! I forgot to mention I use rapadura in the cake instead of sugar, and a good quality dark chocolate (or you can make your own – I didn’t have any left). 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Jo, that looks amazing! This would be fantastic for Christmas. Just wish I didn’t have to make it berry free for my sister. Have you tried mango nougat? Or another flavour option?

  4. Jo Whitton says:

    Mango nougat – now there’s an idea – little frozen chunks of mango instead of berries!!! Sounds like a good plan… Or what about a chocolate orange version – grind up orange zest to go in the cake, make ganache for the top, and sprinkle it with either orange zest, or slivers of candied orange! Mmmm, I might have to try that one too!

  5. Denise says:

    After seeing this amazing cake I have made it for my DH birthday today.I didn’t make the nougat as DH hates the pip in soft fruits! I put a fudge icing on the top.It’s delicious.Thanks for the inspiration Jo.

  6. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Mandy,
    I was a bit slack and used butter this time, since I made it for a bunch of people who aren’t dairy free. If I make it for myself I can use ghee, as that doesn’t seem to affect me – but if you can’t have ghee, you could try coconut oil, since it hardens like butter does once cold.
    Jo 🙂

    • Gwen says:

      Do you just sub the butter for coconut oil or ghee 1:1? Which do you find works better coconut oil or ghee? I’ve never used ghee in baking before, and have just been given some and would like to make this cake for a birthday.

      • QuirkyJo says:

        Substituting 1:1 should be fine for ghee. I would prefer the ghee. Coconut oil will work, you may want to reduce the coconut oil a little as it has a more oily texture than butter.

  7. Karen TW says:

    i’ve made this one a few times (finally) lately and have had no luck with it 🙁 it’s tasted fine but exploded out of the tin and ended up burned all around the edges while sitll not cooked inside. driving me crazy!!

  8. Jo Whitton says:

    That’s no good, Karen – does your oven tend to be a bit hot? Maybe you need to turn it down and let it cook more slowly. High heat causes quick rising, then falling, and burnt edges with a gooey centre! I used to have that happen in my old oven too, but the one I have now is much slower, and this cake works a lot better!

  9. ThermomixBlogger Helene says:

    Forget desert — can we eat this for dinner please???

    Oh Jo… I swear you are going to convert my savory ways and make a sweet-lover out of me if you keep this up! It is GORGEOUS and the flavors sound AMAZING. But I think you really deserve a Christmas break! Best wishes, have a great holiday!

  10. Jo Whitton says:

    Ha ha! Thanks Helene 😀 I can’t have a break yet – my oven’s been broken for days and it’s finally been fixed, so now I can COOK!! Got lots planned for the next few days! 😀 Best wishes to you too – hope you have a great Christmas 🙂

  11. Karen TW says:

    yeah, it’s a shocker of an oven, i often have things turned down 30-40′ less than the recipe and still have to watch for burning 🙁

  12. Jo Whitton says:

    Ah, I thought that was probably it, Karen! Maybe you should go cook it in a friend’s oven (although you probably won’t get home with a whole cake if you do that! lol) 🙂

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