Weekly Highlights… and a Giveaway!

 A bit of randomness to end the week…

Mine started with cooking all day for two days at the Atherton Show (lots of fun! but exhausting…)

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog

Then along came a nasty bout of the flu (kids and mum and hubby looked after me very well – plenty of chicken soup and tea brought to me in bed, AND Mr I’s newest invention, Lime and Coconut Custard with walnuts)…

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog

 When Mr I served this up to his big brother, Mr S was heard to comment, “DUDE!! You’re the best cook EVER!! Pity we don’t have any licorice to go in it though…” Ummm, lime and coconut custard with walnuts and licorice? That’s even a little too quirky for me! 

And then a massive day of cooking today with a friend, to make up for all the days of being in bed! (Can you believe, I was so focused on cooking I didn’t take any photos?? I think the flu has damaged my brain…)

But I DO remember that I tried out Nutra Organics Coco Biotics Superfood Bars and they are truly delicious, very good for you, and I think you really should ALL try them! So guess what? I have some to give away! Actually, I have a VALUE PACK of three boxes of bars to give away – three different types! In this value pack you will find a bar to make everyone in the family happy. And the best bit is – there are no nasties. (Click on links below to see ingredients for each bar)



The Cocobiotics Bar helps to enhance gut health and digestive balance; it contains multi strain fermented probiotics and organic fibre rich coconut.

The Super Greens and Reds Bar is a nutrient dense multivitamin energy bar packed with essential vitamins and minerals, alkalising greens, antioxidant rich reds, and probiotics. (Click on link to see ingredients)

The Berry Choc Chunk Lunchbox Bar is a favourite with our kids (although the Cocobiotics bar may have just taken its’ place!), and they would never know by the taste that it’s packed with phytonutrients, bioflavinoids, omegas, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other good-for-you stuff. (Click on link to see ingredients) 

To WIN this great value pack, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying that you’d love to try these superfood energy bars. Prize winner will be drawn next Friday night (19th July) at 7pm by random drawing, and announced on the blog. Winner will be notified by email, and bars posted to them at no expense to the winner.

And the winner is… comment no. 151: Amber B!
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So how was your week?

Here’s what was happening on the Quirky Cooking Facebook Page this week…


Mr I’s Lime & Coconut Custard recipe – it really is yum!! Link to recipe here.

Great Gluten Free Facebook pages & sites: lots of GF inspiration here.

How to steam bread rolls in the Varoma while cooking soup in the bowl: if you have a Thermomix and haven’t tried this, you really should!

Craving bread but it doesn’t agree with you? Ideas for bread free satisfaction here.

Healthy School Breakfasts: This question was asked this week on my page, with lots of great answers:

“My husband works at a primary school where there are really big issues with nutrition. Most of the kids don’t have breakfast and those that do are seen eating fruit loops and the like. They run a breakfast club where all that is on offer is white toast with nutrient void spreads. The tuck shop is full of hotdogs, potato gems, “chicken” nuggets etc. They have big issues with concentration and behaviour (no wonder, right?!)

Can you think of any good breakfast ideas that could be made (I have a Thermomix) in bulk without too much expense for these kids at the breakfast club? I’ve thought of wholefood pancakes or chocolate whole food milkshakes? Would be great to get the kids to see that healthy food can be yummy, and to see if they feel better that day too!”

Gluten free, additive free ideas for snacks & lunches: for those not used to cooking gluten free – ideas here.

Pandan leaves: where to get them, how to use them, here.


So I have been absent a lot on the blog and Facebook, with all my busy-ness and sickness, but I just wanted you to know, I’ve still been thinking of you…

Hee hee!

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  1. Louise McKervey says:

    I searched for licorice here and this is the post that came up.. soo.. I am commenting here for lack of a better space! 🙂 I want to make my own licorice, the only licorice we can get here is full of palm oil and sugar and I would love to know how to make my own.. only recipes I can find are american and contain corn syrup… any ideas?! Thanks

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