Now. A Peep into my Crazy Mind at Midnight.


Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog
I should really be in bed, it’s midnight. But I’ve been chatting with a friend, and then I made the mistake of looking at my messages before bed, and I saw this fun idea being shared around by Veggie Mama and Live it. Do it., and I impulsively jotted down what I’m doing right now, too. 

So here it is, a peep into my crazy mind at midnight, when I really should be sleeping. 

Making: A quirky cookbook!

Cooking: Mexican black bean chilli mole (Well, not right now, but that’s what I cooked after dinner. I know, weird to cook dinner after dinner.)

Drinking: Black tea with honey

Reading: Old journals full of handwritten quotes and poems, with a friend

Wanting: To catch up on all the questions on my Facebook page – I’m soooo far behind!

Looking: Forward to bed

Playing: This little game instead of doing my work (or going to bed)

Wasting: Time looking at photos and chatting on Instagram

Sewing: Nothing now, a ripped apron was the last thing I sewed (badly)

Wishing: I could see friends and family that are far away

Enjoying: Coconut berry yoghurt with strawberries and chocolate fudge cake for a late night snack

Waiting: For the weekend (not that I have less work on the weekend, but somehow it still feels different)

Liking: Having a friend here to help me out with the cooking, washing up, kids and schoolwork

Wondering: If I’ll ever get this book finished

Loving: My precious children

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog

Hoping: That tomorrow I can get more done

Marvelling: At the gorgeous weather, and how blessed I am to live in this beautiful place

Needing: Sleep

Smelling: Flowers (there’s 3 vases full of fresh flowers in this room – blessed!)

Wearing: Long flowing skirt, shirt, sandals, and a long necklace

Following: A crazy conversation on FB about what the speed of darkness is… (ummm, yeah, I started it – ha ha!)

Noticing: It’s midnight and I still haven’t prepared for tomorrow’s Skype interview

Knowing: I really should be in bed

Thinking: I’m going to have bags under my eyes tomorrow for all to see on the internet! Eek!

Feeling: Happy to be up when everyone else is in bed, because this is my quiet thinking time, and I love it

Bookmarking: A favourite quote in an old book, with a scrap of paper – yep, an old fashioned bookmark!

Opening: An email from my 92 year old Grandmother who lives in Texas (she wanted to tell me how much she loves my blog and that my food looks luscious, and how much her mother loved to cook and entertain and loved visitors no matter what time of the day or night they dropped in, and how much she misses her sister)

Giggling: At the look on my friend’s face when she caught me dancing in the kitchen (doesn’t everyone dance in the kitchen when they think no one’s watching?)

Feeling: Grateful for the many blessings in my life

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog
What about you? Want to join in with your ‘Now’?

Link to your blog or page if you post a ‘Now’ post, or feel free to share what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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