Weekly Highlights & a Coconut Water Giveaway!

Quirky Cooking - Flourless Chocolate BrowniesDon’t you love my new bowl? 

My friend just brought it back from Venice for me – it’s hand blown Murano glass! Gorgeous, huh. (And the gooey fudge brownies are pretty amazing too, but more on that another day.)

Okay, it’s time for an update on what’s been happening over on the  

Quirky Cooking Facebook Page!

Pancakes 3-ways - Quirky Cooking

Yeah, I know, I missed a week… my bad. Been hiding in my recipe testing cave.

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog

But at least there’s chocolate in there. 

Quirky Cooking - Jo Whitton Blog

 And pizza. And pie. And pancakes. So no need to feel sorry for me.

Now if only I can focus long enough to get this blog post done…


Now, where was I? Oh yes, blogging… 

Ok, the Weekly Highlights. 

But wait, there’s a giveaway!! Want to hear about that first? Of course you do. So here it is: I have 2 cases of 12 x 330ml cartons of Raw C Coconut Water to give away! Want some?


I love coconut water in my smoothies and juices, or just on it’s own, cold from the fridge. It’s a great way to stay hydrated! Known as ‘Nature’s Gatorade’, Raw C is popular sports drink alternative because it naturally contains electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. 

Raw C is 100% Pure Coconut Water – no sugar, preservatives or concentrates, and no funny stuff.

Check it out here!

[Updated, due to such a great response!!]

To WIN some Natural Raw C Coconut Water, all you have to do is comment on this post, 

mentioning Raw C coconut water in your comment. The prize winner will be drawn on Wednesday 7th August at 5pm, via Random.org, and the winner notified. 

Winner’s name will be posted on this page. 

(Competition open to Australian residents only)

And the winners are…

Kym – 1st Prize: 2 cases of 12 x 330ml Raw C Coconut Water

Healthy SA –

Shaarn – 3rd Prize: 1 case of 12 x 330ml Raw C Coconut


How about you pop by the Natural Raw C Coconut Water Facebook page and say Hi? 

They’d love to hear from you!

[Note: If you are reading this on a mobile device, you will need to swap over to the web version to be able to comment. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘view web version’.]


I do have another giveaway to share with you, but will let you know about that one in another day or two. Now onto the Weekly Highlights – there’s lots to share!



Local produce… do you know what all this is?

Cooking to impress! Need to cook for a dinner party? Here’s some quick and easy dishes that will knock the socks off your guests…

What’s in your green smoothie today? I love coconut water in mine, plus lots of other goodies… Readers share their favourites here.

Quick snacks: What snacks do you make to take with you when you only have 20 minutes before you need to dash out the door? Here’s some of mine, and lots of reader’s ideas.

Bake & freeze snacks: What about snacks you can freeze for when you need them?

New Thermomix? How to stock your pantry: Readers share their tips for what to stock up on when expecting your new Thermie to arrive! (Excitement!!)


Vegetable spiralizers: Wondering if you should get one, what to use it for, what brand to buy? Answers here.

How to get turmeric stains out: Does your Thermomix lid, seal and butterfly look kind of odd from cooking with turmeric? Try these handy tips to remove the stain!

Quick & easy lunches: A reader who was ‘falling back into bad habits’ asks for ideas for quick, healthy lunches, and wow, so many great suggestions!

Grain free & dairy free lunchbox ideas: It’s not always easy to think outside the box, but here’s some tips.

Egg free breakfast ideas for little ones: Karen’s 10 mth old has been diagnosed with an egg allergy, and she’s stuck for new breakfast ideas. Here’s lots of suggestions, including my egg-free pancake/waffle recipe.

Leftover pulp from making almond milk: Every wondered what to do with it? Here’s some ideas.
And here’s another one I spotted on Instagram – Superfood Nut Sprinkle.

Leftover ganache: What do you do with your leftover ganache? (Is there even such a thing??)

Matt Stone & Thermomix: Love the look of this raw cauliflower ‘cous cous’ salad Matt whipped up on the Morning Show – did you see it?

Friday night pizza: What’s your favourite toppings?

Mandarine recipes: Are they dropping off your trees? Here’s some ideas so they won’t go to waste.

Naturally sweetened icings: Some ideas for icing cakes without refined icing sugar.

Pink party! What to feed a bunch of 6 yr old girls for a healthy pink party? Yummy ideas!

Diabetic friendly recipes: Thermomix friendly suggestions for diabetic recipes.

Breakfast ideas for a toddler with excema: Dairy & wheat free suggestions for an 8 month old.

What to make with egg whites? If you had 5 egg whites in the fridge, what would you make?


What is the one small change you could make that would have the biggest impact on your health? Clare of Checks & Spots asks this question of 13 ‘bright sparks’ who have a unique perspective on health, wellness and nutrition. (Including me!)

How to fatten pigs, and people: I found this article VERY interesting!!

Join a bulk food buying co-op! How? and Where?

How to boost iron levels naturally: A mum who is 30 weeks pregnant with low iron levels asks for advice – lots of great suggestions!

How to search on my page: I quite often have people puzzled about this, so if this is you, here’s how… Just type into the search box the ingredient or subject you’re looking for, and lots of links will come up that you can click on. Or you can go to the Recipe Index on the left of the ‘Quirky Cooking’ logo and click on that to get a drop down list of the labels you can search through.

What would you do? A reader asks for advice for how to get her family and friends to stop bringing junk food over as it’s affecting her child’s behaviour. Lots of discussion on this one!!!

How to get lots of housework done! Set a timer and FOCUS! Do you do this?

Do you love kitchen shops? What would you spend a $40 gift voucher on?


For those of you up here in FNQ (or visiting FNQ in August!), we’d love for you to join us for The Organic Experience food tour! Paddock to plate, meet the growers, tour the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, and gain a deeper appreciation for the way food connects our community, wellbeing and environment. I’ll be cooking lunch with local produce on the 24th, it’ll be heaps of fun and I hope to see you there!


And that’s about it for now… have a great week, and may it include homemade bread and lots of books. And chocolate.  

Jo xx


Miss C in her happy place – bread and books.

What could be better?

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