Podcast Awards, and an Interview with Kim Morrison

Jo Whitton & Fouad Kassab Podcast Awards

Fouad Kassab and Jo Whitton of “A Quirky Journey” podcast – photo by Total Capture Photography

Hey guys, have you been listening to our podcasts over on “A Quirky Journey”? We’re guessing some of you have, as we just won two awards because you guys voted me in as your “Favourite Podcast Host”, and our show as your “Favourite Podcast Show” at The Wellness Couch Awards in Melbourne last week!! Thank you so much!!!! 

Fouad and I were so excited we were bouncing off the walls a bit…

The Wellness Couch Podcast Awards - 2016 - Jo Whitton
The Wellness Coach Podcast Awards 2016

Photos by Total Capture Photography

SO much fun!!

If you’ve never listened to our podcast, you can learn a bit about Fouad and myself here, and listen to our show either on The Wellness Couch or on iTunes.

So now things have calmed down a little, and we’re back home and working hard on the last edits and recipe tests for our “Life-Changing Food” cookbook. (For those of you who preordered, it’s due for release March 2017, which I know seems a long time, but there’s so much work that goes into a beautiful cookbook like this one, and it will be worth the wait – we promise!) And we’ve also managed to fit in another podcast as well, with a good friend of ours. Yay!

We’ve decided that since the podcast is such an important part of what we do, we really should be getting it up on the blog where more people can find out about it. So keep an eye out each fortnight on a Friday, and we’ll update you on the latest episode, and share with you any important links from the show. We’ll also get the favourite past episodes up on the blog in case you missed any of those. And if we get really organised, we might even get transcripts up for you… Good idea?

This week we have one of our favourite people on the show with us – our good friend, Kim Morrison of Twenty8 Essentials! We love Kim. She’s one of the kindest, most loving people you’ll ever meet, and getting the opportunity to interview her was really special for Fouad and I.

Listen to the podcast here!

Kim Morrison is a health and lifestyle educator, environmental health coach, author, aromatherapist and founder of Twenty8 Essentials chemical-free skincare and essential oils. In this episode she explains how and why to use essential oils, and practical tips to simply get a personal care routine happening are invaluable. But this podcast is not only about essential oils and chemical free skincare. It’s also about life, and learning to care for yourself and your family through the good times and the bad times.

Kim began studying nutrition and aromatherapy at 19, lived the celebrity life with her famous cricketer husband, and went on to write best-selling self-care and skincare books with a friend. Then suddenly, just as she was about to launch her own skincare brand, everything came crashing down. She shares how she and her husband worked through the hard times, and how the challenges changed her own focus, and the direction of her business.

Kim became very passionate about helping women to challenge their potential, take responsibility for their own health and well-being, acknowledge their own strength and beauty, and take good care of themselves. In this day and age, we are often so busy running around taking care of everyone else and struggling to keep our heads above the water, that we neglect our own selves. Kim shares the importance of learning to nurture and nourish yourself, which in turn helps you to nurture and nourish those around you.

A big thank you to Kim, as she has generously offered to give you guys some tools to help get started!

Click on this link to get a free download of her best-selling book, ‘Like Chocolate for Women’, her ‘Manifesto for Living’, and a 10% discount on her lovely Twenty8 essential oils.

(Discount available until midnight, 30th September, 2016.)

  *      *     *     *     *

If you’d like to try Kim’s yummy chocolate cake idea as mentioned in the podcast, you can use one of these recipes, adding four drops of either peppermint or orange Twenty8 essential oil to the mixture before baking: 

  *      *     *     *     *

We hope you enjoy our podcasts as much as we enjoy recording them! Happy listening.

Jo and Fouad

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