Menu Plan Monday – 1st February

Uh oh – late again!  I have a plan, but I’ve been too busy to get it posted…  I’m in the process of making a Mocha Silk Pie, so while I wait for each of the four eggs to beat for five mintues each, I think I’ll try and get my plan posted!

(My main meals are sometimes at lunch time, depending on my dh’s work shift.)

For more menu plans, and help with planning in all sorts of areas, visit Menu Plan Monday at “I’m an Organizing Junkie.”

[TMX = prepared with and/or cooked in Thermomix]

(lunch) Corn & cannelini bean patties (TMX)
(dinner) Steamed fish with rice & peas (TMX – from the Thermomix Seafood Cookbook)

(lunch) Crusty wholemeal spelt bread (TMX) & sweet chilli tuna
(dinner) BBQ with friends: steak, sausages, crusty wholemeal spelt rolls (TMX), potato salad, Mocha Silk Pie for the adults (TMX) (if it works with coconut oil instead of butter!) and berry sorbet for the kids (TMX).

(lunch) Baked potatoes, dairy free sour cream & salad
(dinner) Spanish omelette (TMX)

(lunch) Chicken braised with red peppers (TMX – from ‘My Way of Cooking’ cookbook)
(dinner) Minestrone soup (TMX)

(lunch) Shepherds’s pie (TMX – never got around to this one last week)
(dinner) leftovers/sandwich

(lunch) Dairy free ‘Carbonara’ with spelt noodles (TMX) & vege sticks
(dinner) Mashed potatoes with steamed veges (TMX)

(lunch) Beef roast in crockpot with steamed veges (TMX)
(dinner) Spelt tortillas (TMX) with leftover beef

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