Menu Plan Monday – 2nd March

Time to plan the week’s meals again – how’s the menu planning going for you?  If you need some tips on how to menu plan, my ideas are here, and there’s plenty more ideas at Menu Plan Monday!  Have a great week 🙂  (I’m keeping it short and sweet this time to make up for last week’s menu planning post!!)

[TMX = prepared and/or cooked in my Thermomix]

(lunch) Oven baked potato chips, chickpea flatbread (TMX), & nacho bean topping (TMX – times two, freezing half)
(dinner) Cyndi O’Meara’s orange corned beef, cooked in Thermomix (didn’t get it cooked yesterday), with steamed veges & mashed potato (TMX)

(lunch) Lunch out with family
(dinner) Stir fry steak & veges (TMX) on rice (TMX)

(lunch) Fish & steamed veges (TMX)
(dinner) Leftovers/vege pasta (TMX)

(lunch) Baked potatoes with mushroom sauce (TMX) & salad
(dinner) Nacho bean topping (from freezer) on corn chips with salad

(lunch) Baked chicken, garlic & tomatoes with salad
(dinner) Leftovers & spelt rolls (TMX)

(lunch) Tuna pasta (TMX) & salad
(dinner) Dairy free spelt pizza (with avocado topping) (TMX)

(lunch) Roast & veges (whatever roast meat I can find on special!)
(dinner) leftovers with spelt bread

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