Simple, Nourishing Meals to Reduce the Christmas Stress!

Lebanese Style Herb & Nut Crusted Fish – one of my favourite, simple, summery meals!

Phew! The summer heat and the pre-Christmas craziness have arrived in Far North Queensland, so I’m sticking to really simple, nourishing meals for the next couple of weeks. And I’m making sure there’s plenty of fresh and fermented veggies and fresh herbs and greens in there, to balance out all the sweet treats that I’m sure will be happening this month. 🙂

Quirky Cooking Meal Plans

For the past few months I’ve been sharing my meal plans in my weekly newsletters, and they’ve been so popular that I thought I’d start sharing them here on the blog as well, like I did when I first started Quirky Cooking. The meal plan newsletter will still be sent out each week, with any new recipes, updates, and fun stuff like giveaways and discounts – so make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss anything!

Chilli & Salad Bowl, Quirky Cooking
Chilli & Salad Bowl (see recipe list below)

This week I was going to share a sample Christmas menu with you all, but I have a few of those on the blog already (see below), and if you’re anything like me you really just want some simple steps for things you can prepare now and freeze for the Christmas holidays. So firstly, here’s some of our past Christmas favourites…

…And here is a sample meal plan for the week – just some nourishing, simple family meals, plus a couple of things to prepare ahead and freeze for the holiday season. Scroll down for recipe links.

A Simple, Nourishing Meal Plan

A Simple Meal Plan, Quirky Cooking
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Lamb chops, roast veggies & sauerkraut
yep, the old-fashioned ‘meat & veg’ meals are sometimes the best!!

Recipe Links:

(Note: Some of the recipes in my meal plan are not on my blog or in cookbooks, but you’ll find most of them below. I’ll share the Chicken Provencal recipe soon, as it’s a favourite of ours and very simple to make!)

  • Roast Beef with Gravy – cook whole carrots with the roast in a covered roaster, with about an inch of water in the bottom; use resulting stock to make gravy if desired; serve with salad and sauerkraut on the side; slice and freeze leftover roast for lunches
  • Chive & Sour Cream Scrambled Eggs – whisk a little sour cream into eggs, add a sprinkle of fresh chopped chives, and cook in pan with a little ghee or olive oil, sprinkled with salt and Aussie pepper!
  • Labne & Beetroot Dip (recipe in LCF cookbook) – can buy labne, but very easy to make your own by dripping yoghurt through a nut milk bag (in a colander over bowl in fridge, overnight)
  • Chilli & Beans with salad (this recipe, add whatever veggies you like, or try the Chilli Bowls recipe in LCF cookbook) – serve a spoonful in a bowl with lots of salad veggies, cheese, sour cream, olives, or whatever toppings you like (see photo above)
  • Roast Veggie Salad (recipe in LCF cookbook) – when you’re baking something in the oven, add a tray of chopped root veggies to roast, then chill and use in salads
  • Smoothies for snacks/breakfast, or to bulk out a simple meal (find recipes in LCF cookbook or Quirky cookbook, or search ‘quirky cooking smoothies’ to find plenty on the blog!)
  • Chicken stock – freeze in small containers, great to have on hand for a quick light meal (poach eggs in stock with some shredded veggies, or use as a base for soups)
Rice Paper Rolls
Rice Paper Rolls recipe coming soon!

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Happy cooking, and happy Christmas planning!
Jo xx

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