GF Chocolate Banana Cake


Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Cake 

This is a lovely, moist cake, which is sometimes hard to achieve with gluten free flour!  My friend Sarah made this recipe up when she was looking for a gluten free, dairy free, egg free cake. I’ve tweaked it a bit to make it healthier and Thermomix friendly. It’s also very easy to make nut free as well – just use rice milk instead of rice-almond (or your preferred milk), and grapeseed or light light olive oil instead of the macadamia oil. For a nut free icing, just use coconut cream instead of the almond milk, mixed with the chocolate and dates.

You can make this cake with or without eggs – the eggs make a lighter cake, but without eggs the texture is lovely and moist and fudgey. (The photos are of the cake made without eggs.)  It’s a very versatile recipe (see the variations at the end), and very quick and easy – just throw in ALL the ingredients and whiz it up. Perfect for birthday cakes and cupcakes!

Note: You can find fine sea salt and Dutch processed cocoa powder for this recipe in my online store!

GF Chocolate Banana Cake
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  1. 300g plain gluten free flour (I use Orgran flour)
  2. 1/2 tsp fine sea salt
  3. 1 tsp baking powder (or 2 tspns if leaving out eggs)
  4. 2 tsp bicarb soda
  5. 30g raw cacao powder or organic cocoa
  6. 120g Rapadura
  7. 140g macadamia oil (or other light oil for nut free)
  8. 240g rice-almond milk or preferred milk for nut free (may need a little more if bananas are not very ripe)
  9. 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  10. 2 eggs (optional)
  11. 350g ripe bananas (approx. 3 large bananas - use 350-400g bananas if not using eggs)
  1. Weigh into Thermomix bowl all ingredients and mix on speed 5-6 for 20 seconds, using spatula to assist if needed.
  2. Pour into two round cake tins, or 1 large springform tin, well greased or lined with baking paper. Bake at 180C for about 30 mins (or longer if in one large pan), until a skewer inserted in centre comes out clean. Or you can bake in muffin tins for about 15 to 20 minutes.
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The icing in the photos is made from raw dates, dairy free dark chocolate and almond milk. I don’t really measure it – I just chop up a couple of big handfuls of dark chocolate and drop into Thermomix bowl, add about 6 pitted raw dates and about half a cup of raw almond milk (made in Thermomix). I whiz it up on speed 9, scraping down a couple of times, then melt at 50C for 3 minutes, speed 2, or until smooth. Add some vanilla bean paste too if you like. If it’s too thick, add a little more almond milk. (Almond milk is just 100g blanched almonds ground up on speed 9, with 500g water and a dash of vanilla extract, blended for 1 minute speed 9.) If you need a nut free icing, you can use coconut cream instead of almond milk.



– Butter cake: leave out bananas, add 1 tsp vanilla extract, use 2 tsp baking powder instead of baking powder and soda, add a little more milk, and use 150g butter instead of oil.  (This version needs the eggs.) 

– Chocolate-coffee cake: leave out bananas, add 220g strong coffee and 1 tsp vanilla extract.

96 thoughts on “GF Chocolate Banana Cake

    • QuirkyJo says:

      The recipe wouldn’t work without bananas; you’d need to substitute it with something like baked sweet potato because you’d need the bulk.
      Sorry about that!

      • Rachael says:

        Hi there….just some feedback for you, I did make it without the bananas and it turned out delicious. It didn’t last long! Thank you ☺️

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi, I found this recipe better than a lot, but find it quite spongy and also today it rose really well, but then went down again by nearly half, do you know why this may be?

  2. Bernie Harrison says:

    Hi Jo, I’d like to make this for my little fella’s 6th birthday party. How larger should I go with the ingredients for a much bigger cake? (I’m going to do it in the shape of a 6 to feed 20 little mouths). Thanks very much

  3. Emm Y says:

    Wow this cake – is just amazing. I have a GF & DF child, and i’ve trialled several different cake recipes for her birthday party. This is by the the BEST one. It’s moist and delicious, even the none GF humans wouldn’t be able to tell.
    Thanks SO much!

  4. Rachael says:

    This is seriously the most delicous cake. I substituted flours but that’s it. Thanks for sharing. I took it to work for a birthday celebration everyone wanted the recipe.

    • Deidre says:

      Rachael, what flour did you substitute for the Organ flour, and how much ratio ?
      thanks in advance

  5. Sarah Jane says:

    Can I substitute the GF flour for almond meal? What adjustments would I need to make? Thanks.

  6. Deidre says:

    Do you know IF we can use another flour instead of the Orgran flour Jo, and of course how much in the ratio ? thx

  7. Hayley says:

    This is amazing! Made a few subs with whatever I had. Turned out perfect! And love the icing recipe. Will use again for sure!

  8. Kelly Goffin says:

    WoW….. No I truly mean WoW!!!! It’s the best cake ever, I mean that too. For a cake that’s not made with almond meal it truly is sensational. I’ve been making your recipes Jo for a while now… Then I splashed out and bought a thermo and suddenly your recipes seem so much easier. I live what you do for all of us with gut conditions, thank you for having such an enthusiastic passion.

  9. Antoinette Parry says:

    Hi is honey ok instead of sugar as I have none and no bicarb soda. I might need to go shopping

  10. Linda Miller says:

    I have made this cake quite a few times and find the middle always rises so much that I have to cut off the top (sometimes it rises up more than 5cm more than the rest of the cake) so that the middle cooks properly. I’m thinking my tin is too big, and I should do 2 small ones instead, but I just don’t have 2 small tins. Also, I find there is a funny taste – is it the macadamia nut oil or the apple cider vinegar? Will it work as well with coconut oil? Maybe less apple cider vinegar? The texture is great, though – never fails!

    • QuirkyJo says:

      Hmmm, I think you may need a wider tin so the cake spreads out a little, or yes 2 tins. I’m not sure what you mean with the taste, but yes to any oil really – coconut oil or melted butter would work too!

  11. Nancy says:

    I am so looking forward to trying your recipe and was wondering do you recommend sifting the flour first before adding it to the food processor? Thank you.

  12. Julia says:

    I just made the butter cake version of this. Because it leaves out bananas, the variation should mention it should only go into one tin. I have two very flat cakes. Oops. Also the variation should add leave out cacao. I nearly put it in, hahaha.

  13. Anne says:

    Made this today to ‘use up the black bananas’ and forgot the oil ????????‍♀️but it still seems ok: LOVE the icing ( I also used the new Natvia brown sugar instead of coconut sugar)

  14. Nancy Belz says:

    I have a made this stunning cake twice now and every time with different variations it has turned out beautifully! May I ask because I do not need to be gluten-free, would I still get great results with using regular plain flour? I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

    • Quirky Cooking Team says:

      Hi Nancy. I’m so glad you love the cake:-).I have never tried it with plain, wheat flour so proportions may slightly change. You might want to experiment and see how you go with the 1 to 1 ratios replacement and then tweak it from there…Good luck:-).

  15. Amy says:

    Hi Jo. My family loves this cake. Do you think it would work as a two tier birthday cake? Or maybe too moist to hold the weight of the other cake on top? I’m wanting to do this for my daughter’s 5th birthday this weekend.

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