Shrek Juice & Juicing in the Thermomix

Shrek Juice & Juicing in the Thermomix - Quirky Cooking

We call this drink ‘Shrek Juice’. I’m sure you can see why! It’s so simple it’s hardly a recipe, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it as I get lots of questions about how to get kids started on fresh juices, and I’ve found this one a great place to start!

This juice just tastes like orange juice – you can’t taste the spinach. If you really talk it up as being a really cool colour, and give it a name like ‘Shrek Juice’ or maybe ‘Green Monster Juice’, it seems to help kids be more willing to try it. Then you can slowly start adding other things into their juices, like some cucumber, apple, celery, avocado, carrot… little by little. Before you know it, they’ll be asking for their daily juice!!

As you can see, I make my juices in the Thermomix, as I prefer a ‘boost juice’ style of juice to an extracted juice. It keeps all the goodness of the fruit and veg fibres in your juice, slows down the rate the sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream, is more filling, and makes it easier afford organic produce as you use less fruit and veg this way. A couple of carrots, a couple of apples, a handful of baby spinach, a stick of celery, a lime, and a little ice makes juice for four people – no need to use half the fruit and veges in the fridge! So my advice is keep the fibre in your juices – don’t strain it all out! 

General rule for making blended juices in the Thermomix:

Place your quartered fruit and/or veges with a couple of handfuls of ice and some citrus (a peeled lime or orange, or half a lemon) into the Thermomix bowl, adding a little water if you’re using more fibrous fruit/veges. Blend on speed 10 for 2 minutes, and there you are – no wasted pulp, the fibre is there in a drinkable form, and the bowl is easy to clean up afterwards.

All you do when you’ve finished juicing is rinse out the bowl under the tap, and voila – it’s clean! There’s no messy filter to scrub out – which makes it much more likely that you’ll drink fresh juice every day, right? I know when I had to rely on a juice extractor for juices, I didn’t juice too often – those things are such a pain to clean.

Shrek Juice
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  1. 3 oranges, peeled (cut off skin & pith, leave whole)
  2. 2 handfuls baby spinach
  3. 2 handfuls of ice
  1. Blend all ingredients in the Thermomix, 2 mins/speed 10.
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I love to add baby spinach or other greens to smoothies and juices – you can’t taste them, and fresh greens are so good for you. And most of us don’t get enough of them.

Sometimes I add nuts to my juices, to make a creamy fruit drink like Pecan Orange Milk, or Creamy Citrus Smoothie. They’re great for a breakfast drink, as the protein and good fats helps fill you up and give you energy.

There’s so many different types of juices you can make in the Thermomix – this is just a very simple one that’s a favourite at our house. So what are your favourite juice combinations?

Oh, by the way, just in case you have little princesses at your house who are totally not interested in Shrek, here’s a Princess Fiona Juice too…

Shrek Juice & Juicing in the Thermomix - Quirky Cooking

(Okay, it’s more of a smoothie…)

This one is made from a few handfuls of frozen blueberries, a handful of baby spinach, a handful of raw almonds, a few dates, a frozen avocado or banana (chopped in bits), a handful of ice, water to cover, and a little honey to taste if needed. I don’t really measure with juices and smoothies – just keep adding til it tastes right!


4 thoughts on “Shrek Juice & Juicing in the Thermomix

  1. LauraB says:

    If I follow a juice diet (one based on a juicing machine), but use my TM, would I need to reduce quantities of fruit in the recipe?

  2. Hayley says:

    Hello, does the thermomix heat when using as a juicer? Thinking a cold pressed juicer is better than using my thermomix? Thank you!

    • QuirkyJo says:

      It will a little, cold-pressed is awesome if you have one. The good thing about the Thermomix is you keep the fibre in the juice so you get less of a blood sugar spike. 🙂

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