Yummy Pea & Lettuce Soup

Yummy Pea & Lettuce Soup - Quirky Cooking

I love a mug of hot soup for lunch on a cold day – here’s one I made today, adapted from Cyndi O’Meara’s wonderful cookbook, “Changing Habits, Changing Lives”. I needed a recipe to use up all those lettuces in my fridge – it’s been so cold, wet and miserable that salads aren’t going down too well here, so soup is the next best thing! I know, lettuce in soup sounds weird, but this is really yummy. Try it!

(Note: I make this in my Thermomix, but you can make it in a saucepan, then puree using a blender or hand-held processor.)


Yummy Pea & Lettuce Soup

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23 organic garlic cloves

1 onion halved

2 Tbsp olive or macadamia oil

1 potato, quartered

1 carrot, quartered

1 lettuce, well washed and separated

300g frozen or fresh peas

A handful of fresh chives

A few sprigs of parsley or coriander (opt)

1 Tbsp vegetable stock concentrate (or veggie stock powder)

750g water

2 Tbsp lemon juice

150g sour cream substitute (or real sour cream or natural yoghurt)

Fine sea salt & pepper to taste


1. Place garlic cloves and onion in Thermomix bowl and chop for 5 sec/ speed 5 (or chop by hand).

2. Add oil to bowl and sauté onion and garlic for 3 minutes/ 100 degrees/ speed 1.

3. Add vegetables, and chop for 5 sec/ speed 5, use spatula to scrape down bowl.

4. Add in vegetable stock and water and cook for 20 minutes/ 100 degrees/ speed 1. (If chopping veggies by hand, and cooking in saucepan, simmer soup for about 30 minutes. Because veggies are chopped so fine in the Thermomix, they need less cooking time).

5. Slowly turn dial to speed 8 and blend soup for 30 seconds (or bend in blender or with hand-held processor).

6. Add in lemon juice and sour cream substitute and mix briefly.

7. Serve hot and enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Yummy Pea & Lettuce Soup

  1. Colleen says:

    I dont have a Thermie yet…. is one my list (saving saving saving and cant wait)
    But i made this work and it is DELISH!!!
    Such a Yummy soup
    I didnt do step 6 however (didnt see it at the time hahaha)
    Blitzed it all up in the blender after cooked and the whole family loved it.
    Thankyou for all you amazing recipes you have saved my life in so many way and look forward to your new book coming out we have all put an order in

  2. Cara says:

    Soooo… I wasn’t too sure about the ingredient combo of peas + lettuce but I was craving hot soup + this was the first recipe I found + YUM! This is amazing. I tried it before + after adding the lemon + that added lemon takes it to the next level 🙂

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